Cat contest: entries

January 3, 2013 • 7:37 am

Before you can look at these cat pictures you have to read the biology post about pronking (just below)!

On December 1 I announced yet another cat contest in which one winner would be chosen to receive an autographed and cat-drawing-embellished book. (BTW, I am still sending out books from the DWB offer, and have about eleven to go, so please be patient.) The deadline was January 1, and the goal was to take a piece of paper or other accoutrement and modify your cat’s face in a humorous way. One example was this:


I received eleven “official” entriess and will show them all here, numbered.  Now I am going to make the final decision, but will also be informed by readers’ opinions if they’re expressed eloquently and clearly. So weigh in with your favorite number below.  Remember, only one opinion per customer, and no botting (that means you, Butter!).  Vote by number for one of the 11 entries; the winner gets an autographed book.

#1, from Beth:


Doc Bill entered his cat Kink twice, but I’ve chosen only one as the official entry.

This is #2 from Doc Bill, the official entry:

Kink entry

This is another Kink picture which is not an official entry:

Kink Teeth 1

#3, Dayo, entered by Michelle B.


Michelle d entered two pictures; I chose one to be the official entry.

Entry #4 Michelle d:

Michelle d #1

Unofficial submission by Michelle d:


Entry #5, entered by Christopher on behalf of his daughter:

Nap Interrupted

Entry #6, From Sarah (see other attempts at her photostream)


Entry #7, from Rose:


Entry #8, from Barbara:


Entry#9, Vin entered cat Newton:


#10, from Grania:


#11, from Thomas:


And of course there were failures—even some human blood was reported!

Kink failure

Cats are not cooperative:

Rose failure

Vote for one of the 11, but remember, your votes aren’t binding on me—though they could influence me.

Thanks for all the entrants who risked life and limb to humiliate their moggies but entertain the rest of us!

83 thoughts on “Cat contest: entries

  1. I like number 5, a bit of original thinking! I was hoping to find the time to do something along the lines of number 8 but with a picture of Jerry! However, I did not get the chance in the end.

    1. Count me in for #8. (It’s a strange pic – you kinds think it is a woman weaking a cat mask over her eyes for a second.)

    1. Doc Bill (on his birthday, mind you, not looking for a sympathy vote, however … )
      and Kink approve this vote!

  2. I’m not sure it would be fair to vote for me (#11) but I can at least indicate that I did put a little bit of honey on the back of the piece of paper in order to “succeed”. This was the most successful attempt out of more than 20 I think…

    1. Since I tried that previous experiment of Simulating Scruffing on your cat by using a file folder clip, she has an Order of Protect out against me…

  3. 1 vote for #7. It has the appropriate amount of “I am not amused” and “you’ll pay for this later”.

  4. After having duly read about pronging, I have to admit I don’t like #5 at all. It doesn’t even seem to fit the (admittedly open-ended) intentions of the contest.

    Number 8 startles, and has a goofy semi-realism. I love it. Catwoman indeed. The eyes….

    1. It was suppose to be a rat’s tail but I’m not very good at drawing.

      Her name is Baghera and I already submitted some pics to Jerry for a previous, already-ended, cat contest so maybe she’ll have her own post on this website one day! (but I know she’s not alone, waiting her turn) 🙂

      1. Jerry, if I may, I’d like to revise and extend my remarks up above (sixth top-level comment) to instead ask for a reinstitution of the frequent formal presentation of reader’s portraits of their feline overlords.



        1. Yes, I know: I’ve been remiss because I’m busy and have had other things to post as well. But I’ve saved every reader’s cat, and will soon begin to post them again.

      2. One of my friends was Chief Butler to a “Baghera”. Same colouration (of course!), but with 6 digits on each front paw and 7 on each rear.
        Lovely moggy.

  5. I rather like the Kink Failure photo.

    Is it not the essence of Cat to be uncooperative and turn the fail and humiliation back on the human?

  6. No. 8 and No. 2 were the best, and No. 4 was a good idea. The others just looked like somebody holding a bit of paper up to a cat.

  7. OK, I’ve read the post(and watched the video) about pronking antelope (not sure why it was necessary to do this first, though): now please can I register a vote for No. 8 (Barbara)? – also my thanks to you and all your correspondents for making WEIT so absorbing.

    1. If you check your hat you’ll find $5 in it. Just saying, there’s time to change your vote if, of course, you’re feeling appreciative for some reason.

  8. Your blog inspired me to adopt a cat last month. His name is Mr. Al (don’t ask; a friend of mine named him). He somehow has figured out how to open the sliding closet door with his paws and jump up into the shelves of clothing where he burrows in amd rests for hours. I feel a bit guilty because I don’t have another cat to keep him company when I’m at work. There are dozens of “cat meowing” videos on youtube that people have posted of their pet, and I play one every few nights because Mr. Al loves the sound and climbs onto the chair and to the laptop and meows back st the video cats with longing in his voice. He’s quite interactive with the screen.

    I like #7.

    1. I took in a stray because my “only cat” was so lively and seemed to need a playmate. Only Cat was not amused in the slightest.

      That was a year ago and they still have a prickly relationship . . .

      Congrats on Mr. Al!

  9. Darn! I liked the Sabertoothy! Just the name and framing of it were enough for me! And, $7, who looks so much like my beloved Maine coon… We had 18 precious years together, he and I…

  10. Entry #8, from Barbara was the only one whose novelty made me gawk greedily in confusion (possibly I’m a sucker for amazing teeth).

    And too many entrants couldn’t be bothered to try matching the background color of the prop to the animal’s fur.

    And why are you wasting my time? How did you know I’m this shallow?

  11. #8 is clever and original, and I like it a lot. However, the out and out best for me is #1. It just looks so realistic.

    I have to say though, kudos to anyone who managed to take such a picture of their cat. I tried, but my cat just wasn’t having it – he either wouldn’t sit still, or tried to eat the damned card. Little bugger.

  12. Cats are not cooperative:

    They are cooperative – but it may not be your agenda that they are cooperating with.
    (No vote : they’re all lovely in their own ways.)

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