Cat contest ends in ten days

December 21, 2012 • 4:44 am

Now that we didn’t die, I’m giving a reminder that Jan. 1 is the deadline for the “humiliate your cat” contest, whereby you use a piece of paper (or other creative devices) to change your cat’s face.  Here’s an example, but I’ve shown a few others, too, e.g.,



There are only about a half-dozen entries, so your chances of winning an autographed copy of WEIT are not insubstantial. If you have a moggie, you’ll be home for the holidays with ribbons, paper, and all sorts of useful things. . .

10 thoughts on “Cat contest ends in ten days

  1. Torment a cat-urday, is it? Just as well there is no afterlife, because if there were, claws would be dominating your future. Lots of claws.

  2. I’ve been sending in cat pics but I haven’t heard any response =( Am I just typing your e-mail wrong? (I substituted the copy and paste symbol names and whatnot in the e-mail for their literal counterparts; such as turning “dot” into “.” as seemed logical) or are you just busy? Sorry ahead of time if it’s an obvious answer Jerry!

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