Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2012 • 8:41 am

Is there anyone to bring me candy in my sickbed?

Google has a swell doodle today, and it’s interactive. Go to their site and play with it.  It starts off looking like this, but see what’s behind the doors.  Note, if you do it right you’ll find both a cat and a cephalopod!

And a halloween cat from reader Grania (be sure to see as well the Henri video from earlier today).

13 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

        1. Yes, although you can see a glimpse of the moggie, though not the full beast, by clicking on where it resides BEFORE you click on the doors.

      1. I gave it a try in Chrome on Windows and got the sound. My regular browser is WebKit on Mac OS X, which perhaps Google doesn’t like.

        But thanks for letting me know that there really is sound!


  1. I’m taking the occasion of Hallowe’en to perform a small memorial service to my cat Kveldulf, who died two weeks ago, aged seventeen. He had a good live and was a loving companion, but he developed an infirmity that was aggravated with age. He was cremated, and his remains will be placed in the urn with those of my late wife (he was really her cat anyway). He is survived by an adopted sister named Isa, a half Maine Coon, who seems content to have the feeder, litterbox, water fountain and house to herself.

    P.S. I’m not saying where, but it wasn’t all that difficult to find the cat. The previous one was much more difficult.

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