27 thoughts on “Jesus and Mo do Halloween

    1. Veronica, I think it’s one of Author’s funniest, and don’t they all have a serious side? I take the barmaid to be approving of the cleverness of their disguises. “Ambiguous” – what am I missing?

      1. Agreed. I thought is was hilarious. And my interpretation of “Very good,” was “Right on!” Clever indeed!

      2. Perhaps the Canadian Atheist was wryly noting that the JnM author might’ve been cashing in on how ridiculous xianity and islam are without any need for a manufactured joke? The situation as it stands is already a joke?

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    Is this a permanent change to WEIT?

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    1. If jesus lived, died, and lived again then Its a zombie. If christianity is the worship of jesus christ then christianity is zombie worship.

      1. Not only that — and, sorry, can’t resist — but Jesus also had gaping wounds, including a chest wound that he commanded Doubting Thomas to thrust his hand into.

        Now, I ask you: what zombie movie is complete without somebody grabbing intestines spilling forth from a gaping chest wound?

        And let’s also not forget the zombie horde that descended upon Jerusalem at the moment Jesus gave up the ghost (at the same time as the eclipse and earthquake that didn’t happen and the rending of the temple curtain that didn’t happen for another few decades).


  2. Spot the cat…

    I won’t say where it is, but it is superimposed on that background. I thought it was actually THERE !

  3. As per the barmaids comment – “Very Good”, I took it as sarcastic towards the unimaginative thought put into their “non-constumes”. Or I guess it could be interpreted as “Very Good” you finally recognize what you are. Whichever..funny anyway.

    1. Thanks Jon

      Your second interpretation is close to what I was thinking. However, the reply “Very Good” seems to be too positive an answer to Jesus and Mo “coming as” a zombie and a serial killer.

      1. As it’s a British cartoon, almost certainly the other interpretation is correct. It’s exactly what somebody might say if you turned up to their fancy dress party having made no effort in the costume department but with a witty reason why your normal clothes constitute fancy dress.

  4. This is very meta-, but….

    I wondered if the artist had saved time and effort (at the expense of a certain vividness) by using the same drawings in each frame, so I unaccommodated my eyes – looked towards infinity – to merge them. (S/he does. And in every cartoon…?)

    My right eye is usually dominant, but when the images are merged, the barmaid’s question completely overwhelms the answers. I see “Zom” with an effort and the point of Mo’s speech bubble only, “Serial Killer” not at all. Can someone explain what is going on?

    I haven’t seen any cats yet.

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