Weekend malaise: part 2a

May 27, 2012 • 4:25 am

The world seems ugly and sad today, and the Squidly One is dissing cats at his website with a video so dire that I can’t even link to it.

What do we need to combat this misery? BABY ANIMALS!  Here are a passel of ducklings that I filmed this morning on Botany Pond, right outside my office.  Note that they’re the same brood that I filmed earlier.  All seven are still alive, and their down is being replaced by feathers. With Ceiling Cat’s will, they might actually fledge this year.

7 thoughts on “Weekend malaise: part 2a

  1. You are ‘out of sorts’ JAC? A walk or a swim followed by a few hours in the world of P. G. Wodehouse usually put me together again.

    Good luck sir. Fine site you have here.

  2. Is ‘passel’ the correct term for a group of ducklings? Also, a few hours of caving should be just the thing, JAC! I know just the guy to take you, too…

  3. I read a comment on Pharyngula that the Squidly One was tortured with cat pictures during the AAI meeting in Cologne.

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