Weekend malaise: part 2b

May 27, 2012 • 4:35 am

While we’re on the topic of growing vertebrates, here’s the update on the litter of kittens I described on Monday, putting up this picture of a one-day-old brood taken by reader pyers:

They’re now 5 weeks old, and pyers sent me some recent photos of the same kittens, with this caption: “Well here they are at 5 weeks ! Adorable yes!  Easy to photograph? No!  Every time the little darlings were posed they buggered off!!”

15 thoughts on “Weekend malaise: part 2b

  1. Mom with sweet little cuties – 2 brown 2 black 1 grey.

    Little rascals – 2 brown 1 black 2 grey.

    Has one of the sick christian gods been diddling the molecules again or is there a more likely explanation?

    1. Ooops !!

      Need to check the photos! They were being, well, kittens & I probably muddled them up! Sorry !

    2. Gray kitty seems to be more photogenic than the black one, hence we should expect that it’d “accidentally” show up more often in a set of photos. No?

  2. This brought a major smile to my morning.

    Thank you for your persistence in taking the photos. L

      1. This is Jerry’s website, so obviously he gets to decide.

        As for me, the moar the bettah!! L

  3. Seem to have been good for Jerry at least, if it can extend his weekend malaise to alphabetised subsections.

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