We got Greenland!

May 6, 2012 • 6:14 am

I’ve been waiting months for this: someone in Greenland (one lone soul, according to the stats) finally read this website. Here’s where the viewers were over the past week, and note that Ultima Thule is represented, as well as Iceland.

I’m bursting with pride.

(Click to enlarge map.)

I still think I’m blocked in China and Iran. . .

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      1. Not getting into details, but suffice to say that I have viewed your website while on Chinese soil, so feel free to mark that one off if you want.
        Also, it is not blocked in Hong Kong to the best of my memory…

  1. So, two supposedly atheistic countries, North Korea and China, block you. That just shows you that they are more interested in denying free speech than promoting a system of unbelief. Thoughts?

    1. And I notice that the biggest Muslim country on the planet (Indonesia) doesn’t seem to block the site (then again I’m not really versed in religions so I’m not sure Islam embraces a creationist view).

      About North Korea and China: I really don’t think you can phrase it in term of “atheistic” country or not. One thing’s for sure: they’re not really about freethinking.

      1. Anecdotal evidence is that Indonesian Muslim are like American RCC;, i.e., yeah we’re… but we do it anyway.

            1. But it was a very moderate explosion and only killed or injured a moderate number of people. Moderate religion is better religion.

        1. And RCC does not have any problem with evolution either… They prefer to concentrate on interfering with sexual preferences and behaviors…

          1. The RCC does, in fact, have a problem with Darwinian evolution. They maintain the religious version that has Mr. Deity stepping in from time to time to perform miracles. Their version provides for the existence of a real physical Adam and Eve from whom all humanity descended.

            Just because they claim to be fine with evolution doesn’t mean they are.

            1. Just want to make sure nobody believes I believe that The RCC is åparticularly enlightened: just that they other areas (some could say more dangerous) to go against Scientific evidence!

      2. Indonesia may be the biggest Muslim country but as onkelbob said, it is not the most conservative one (there are also several other religious minorities such as Christians, Hindus or Buddhists).

        What’s more remarkable is that the whole Arabian peninsula isn’t blank.

    2. North Korea, atheistic? Not so much. They run a very theocratic state. Hell, their President’s term was set in the 1970’s… for eternity. Ancestor worship ain’t atheism.

      1. I did say “supposedly” because that is the claim from the religious right. Reality, of course, is not so cut and dry.

      2. More to the point, internet access is extremely limited. Essentially, government-only, on a very strongly applied need-to-use basis. It makes doing business with them slow. Very slow.

  2. I wonder what per cent of hard-core Amuricun Christian religiosos would favor Iran’s and China’s blocking of WEIT.

    They’re for “freedom” as they define and perceive it, but not for “free-thinking.”

  3. Perhaps it was somebody visiting Greenland. I’m tempted to drive up to Botswana and visit your “website” just to make it yellow.

        1. I’ll try to get Madagascar ticked off if work plans develop.
          I turned down the job offer in Somalia a few months ago because it was just a little too dodgy. I can’t see myself reversing that decision just to put a tick on Jerry’s map.
          Any others I could tick? Well, if the PNG job gets re-advertised, I at least made it to first-interview on that, so I should be in the running if they expand operations ; Iran … if they ever ask for software training, I could do that, but someone else is likely to snaffle it out from under me ; Jan Mayen is empty, but we might see ; DCR … no thanks ; Cuba? oh, I’m definitely up for that!

  4. You get to fill in an awfully big land mass for one hit, one time, who was probably searching for kitteh pron…

    But who am I not to say Congrats!

  5. This is very good, but what’s up with Svalbard? Why didn’t it come in along with Norway?

    I hope your new Greenlander becomes a regular, and maybe comments. Which raises the question: how many countries have offered at least one comment?

    1. Well, Svalbard has its own domain .sj shared with Jan Mayen, but it is not open for registration…

    2. Isn’t Svalbard disputed between Norway and Russia? World’s weirdest coal mine and all that jazz?

      1. No, the argument has been settled in 1920. Thanks to the provision on the Svalbard treaty, the archipelago and Bjornøja are Norwegian territory, but the USSR (then) and Russia now the do have a considerable presence in a mining town, Barentsburg, but the have abandoned another mining center, Pyramiden

        1. Ah, complex reality. Can’t God just come along and turn them all into Englishmen and make life nice and simple?

    1. Spitzbergen = biggest island in Svalbard and is part of Norway. If Norway is in, it seems like it should be included too. Otherwise, it’s like treating Hawaii as separate from the U.S.

      1. Svalbard is part of the Kingdom of Norway, dut it is not a dependency. Not exactly the same, but Greenland is also part of the Kingdom of Denmark, but has self rule. Svalbard population is way smaller, but Norway Sovreignty is limiter by the Svalbard treaty (1920)

  6. Congratulations! Interesting to note that Zimbabwe is among the elect but Botswana isn’t, (I was born in Zimbabwe so I noticed its status), maybe economic chaos encourages free thinking, or an interest in owls.

  7. You’re not blocked in Hong Kong, which is part of China after all.

    Congratulations on Greenland!

  8. Greetings from Peru. I used to live in Chicago but moved back to my country a year ago. I check the site every other day and wonder how many people check it from here.

    1. Sebastian@21 and saguhh00@20 ; these both beg for Jerry to post more complete statistics, such as posts from/ views from each country, etc, etc.
      I think WordPress does these routinely, but only for the site’s administrator.

  9. I’ll do what I can to add colour to Iran, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan over the next couple of months.

  10. The person in Greenland is probably an American Serviceman stationed at Peterson AFB in Thule.

    1. Well Greenland is part of Denmark. Many ethnic Danes visit/live there, could be one of them.

      To reply to someone above. Yes Islam is very much creationist, but not as in “Young Earth Creationism”: There are no begats in the Koran that can be used to date Creation.

      That said Adam and Eve are in there… so when pressed Muslims will probably be a bit like Catholics with regards to Evolution: Fine with it as long as it concedes God paradrops a soul into some individual at some point in Upper Paleolithic.

      1. “…God paradrops a soul into some individual at some point in Upper Paleolithic.”

        This is a misrepresentation of Catholic dogma, at least as I was taught it. God didn’t just drop a soul into our ancestors and let it propagate from there, because that would make souls natural phenomena subject to the laws of heredity. True supernatural souls must be individually hand-crafted by God and imbued by him into every one of us. Ensoulment of humanity is the full-time job of an active God, not a one-time handwave sometime in our evolutionary past.

        (Not that I believe any of that myself, you understand. But that’s my understanding of what they believe.)

      2. Yes Islam is very much creationist, but not as in “Young Earth Creationism”:

        You haven’t seen some of the floods of Harun Yahya spam that I’ve been subject to on occasions.
        There are lots of Islamic Creationists out there, parroting Protestant Fundamentalist Christian creationist dogmas, all the way down to sometimes copying the spelling mistakes. They’re well funded and vigorously, sometimes viciously active. They are extremely into an anti-science and anti-thought agenda. Dangerous, nasty people, probably more dangerous and nastier than their Protestant antecedents.

  11. I take it that this is via mapping of visitor IP addresses back to net blocks? If that’s so, maybe there are no allocated blocks in Svalbard or what not. Could it be they are all allocated through Norway (and Russia)?

    1. Yeah you would not guess Africa is 14 times bigger that Greenland from that map!

      I blame map distortion and cylindrical projection!

      Incidently fully zoomed out google maps uses the same type of projection.

      1. It’s bog-standard Mercator projection. It’s computationally cheap. Which is why it was popular in the 17th century (doing computation by hand), and why it’s popular now (doing many, many more computations).
        I think it also has the advantage of being bearing-true : the bearing from point A to point B (versus North) on the map is the same as the bearing you’d need on the Earth’s curved surface ; that’s damned handy for navigation. Given that, unequal areas are a relatively minor problem, particularly for mariners.

    1. It’s not plotted, but with one of the most highly educated and technically competent populations of any continent, and one of the most computer-enabled populations (highest density of servers per head of population for the world, IIRC), I’d be astonished if there weren’t regular readers.

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