Kitteh contest: Peanut and Spot

April 3, 2012 • 4:19 am

Reader Cameron sends photos of his two cats.  First up is Peanut—rather, a moiety of Peanut:

Yes, that’s our Peanut. He’s crazy.
That marker was just sitting on the bar and he was looking at it sideways, looking above and below the bar and reaching up to grab the marker.

And Spot (note: the “DQ” on the cup stands for “Dairy Queen,” an American chain that purveys ice-cream products):

Here’s one of our Spot. He’s a little overweight. He’s always hungry. He’ll drink out of your glass of water if you’re not careful or, in this case, have some of your shake.

13 thoughts on “Kitteh contest: Peanut and Spot

  1. These are probably the most amusing Kitteh Contest photos ever. You have really captured Peanut & Spot’s characters. Thank you Cameron.

    Keehu always wants anyone’s water. Once I had a (small) glass of vodka on the coffee table, and she came over to sniff it. I thought she would take one whiff and ignore it. Boy was I worng. So maybe it’s just clear liquids.

  2. Poor Spot. Looks like a case of DQ “brain freeze”. I feel your pain, Spot. We’ve all been there.

    1. The contest has been over for a year, but I’m still accepting kitteh photos. Send one or two of your best along with a paragraph or so of engaging/amusing description of the kitteh. My email is readily available by some judicious Googling. (Try my Chicago department.)

  3. The ruler of our home, Pixel, also likes to drink of my water cups. She also has a very cute habit of jumping up on the bathroom counter and demanding that I turn the faucet on to drip so she can drink straight from the faucet. 🙂 She just likes a steady drip, though. Too much water and she gives me a very disapproving look.

    It’s hard to find well trained monkeys….(I know, I know, …APES!)

  4. My four-legged office manager has this rule: anything that lies on a flat surface and is movable must be knocked to the floor.

    First pic reminded me of that.

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