16 thoughts on “Cognitive dissonance

  1. So, HuffPo has succeeded in making you squirm over your love of cats in a way that Michael Ruse couldn’t. All they had to do is agree with you!

  2. They’re sucking up to us, the cat-loving community, as the wily self-promoters that they are. Let’s not fall for it…

  3. Fear not! Lolcats icanhazcheezeburger is still THE site for cats, with WEIT coming in a close second, and often FIRST (especially with the non-domesticated variety).

    HuffPo’s site is SO LAST MONTH on most of those stories!

  4. HuffPo has a section called “Science”, too.

    Using that section as a guide, one can only assume “Cats” will be mostly about dogs.

  5. Yes, but it’s about how delicious they are.


    Cat a l’orange.

    Kitty parsesan.

    An FLT (feline, lettuce, and tomato) sandwich.

    And for dessert: Pussy push-up.

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