23 thoughts on “Is this the Endtimez?

  1. I enjoy your website so much. I click on
    2-3 times every day, religiously (oops, sorry), just to see what’s
    new. You, PZ Myers,and Eric MacDonald;
    what a fantastic trio.

    But what,exactly,is a ceiling cat? I had cats (many) for
    17 years and adored all of them. I presently have 2 dogs. Love them too!

  2. And here I thought, yes, Catnarok, “End times” referred to the bringing of Sit On Your Sleeping Face.

  3. Something worse than Dead Mice: Live Rats, which escape and set up housekeeping until re-caught and killed a week later.

    1. I don’t know what to say. I don’t have a cat any more, but when I did they were always leaving halves of rats and gophers on the door mat. I never had them deliver anything alive, unless I was right there following the capture.
      Maybe your cat is overfed, or needs training.

  4. She said she had an emergency in the bathroom and needed a ladder. We didn’t know what that meant at the time.

    Apparently he responds to a bell, but we tried that and he’s too scared, I guess,” Cangilla said. “Or he thinks he’s on a big adventure.”

    Ceiling Cat has our number…

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