40 thoughts on “A miracle!

  1. just imagine the cataclysm that’d follow His almighty melting
    sorry, that’s really forced, couldn’t resist. It was either that or playing with catholicism..

    1. I can see that the expression on the face of ceil-cat is one exultation. How happy I am that now I am going to melt! Life is such a mis(t)ery!

      (there is no sense of scale, some cat-skeptics may suspect that the the picture is just a tempest in a cup! photoshoppwned!)

      1. It’s true even if not real. It’s a metaphor for the loving embrace that Ceiling Cat extends to the Universe.

        1. True, while not true, I do know that there is lots of evidence for Ceiling Cat, and while concocted, this evidence is an example of what all that true evidence and all those facts look like. Good reminder!

          Anyone want some email forwards?

      1. That’s what I was going to say. I don’t think “Douglas E” is telling the truth, but of course he only needs to provide a link to prove us wrong.

  2. I’m more impressed with the kid who climbed that berg with the orange spray paint. Modest too. He didn’t even tag it!

  3. There is another story in the news about an art conservator finding the devil in a cloud in a 13th century fresco by Giotto; now a cat (Ceiling Cat at that) in an iceberg. Either the supernatural is more super than we thought or people are good at seeing things that intrigue them and register in their brains … I wonder which … ?

    1. The devil in a cloud in a painting? You mean poor Giotto had to wait all this time for someone to get it?

  4. It’s the apochraphyl gospel of Peter’s Ceiling Cat! Now we need a walking talking cross…or cat climbing tree

  5. I think the tracing of the left paw is incorrect – it obviously should be a bit further to the right of the image. I guess this must be a sign of the End Times – calving is now producing kittehs.

  6. If you look closely it appears to look like a child within the image of the devil. The horns are the eyes then you can see the nose & the mouth is the devils eye.

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