16 thoughts on “It’s still fall

    1. I think that we are looking South out of the Zoology Building at the North elevation of the Ida B. & Walter Erman Biology Center [also called the Botany Building(?)]

      HERE is a photograph from the year 1900 with Zoology on the left & the Erman on the right [with the greenhouse roof on top]

  1. Jerry, Jerry, Jerry.

    It is obviously a sign from god that if you don’t repent you will spend eternity in hell.

    See, the flames of hell are already licking your window.


  2. In case you care, I think what you have is the so-called “Boston Ivy” (Parthenocissus tricuspidata) which is actually more related to grapes than to regular ivy. Real ivy is evergreen and doesn’t do the spectacular fall color thing.

    1. Thank you, that is an interesting thing to know; and now that you mention it, I guess I’ve noticed it before–evergreen vs. deciduous “ivies,” at least.

      My wild grapes vines are laden with fruit and attracting many birds this time o’ year.

  3. Umm… would that mean that you have been sleeping in your office on friday nights again? And work Saturdays?

    Curiosity about work schedules aside, that is a very beautiful photograph. Given the exotic flora inside the room, with a few small changes I bet your office could look like it is from the Unseen University.

  4. Achrachno saved me from having to discuss the taxonomic issues, so I’ll just say – Beautiful photo!

  5. Oh, please! A scientist specializing in speciation should be careful not to call that stuff ivy. Parthenocissus tricuspidata – Boston Ivy. Related to Virginia creeper.

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