16 thoughts on “What really happened to the dinosaurs?

    1. easy:

      Raptors were around for a long time. In that time, some of them met ends that allowed them to be fossilized.

      just like humans.


  1. I’m fairly sure the films producers based it off of Deinonycus which is closer to the film dino’s but changed the name to velociraptor because it sounded cooler.

    So is that the current thought, that they were feathered like that!?

    1. Actually, Spielberg was unsatisfied with even the size of Deinonycus and chose to go with a “raptor” that was larger than any known specimen. Ironically enough, while the movie was in post production the paleontologist who’d been the consultant for the film, Robert T. Bakker, ended up discovering fossils of a new species of raptor, one of which was nearly an exact match for the raptors used in the movie. The new species is what we known know of as Utahraptor.

      Yes, I’m a bit of a fan, how could you tell?

  2. Isn’t it a wonder that some of the dinos developed, of all things, feathers?! And that this led to flight?

    And how about those bat thingies? No feathers…And flight!

    Gods above I love this place!

  3. Just so people know, there are full human sized versions of raptors that were portrayed in Jurassic Park. They just weren’t Velociraptors which were smaller. The big raptors are in the same family as Velociraptors and are called Utahraptors.

    More details here:


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