Cocktail party tidbit of the week

May 22, 2011 • 7:16 pm

Charles Dickens had an ivory letter opener whose handle was made from the stuffed paw of his beloved but deceased cat Bob.  The object is now in the possession of the New York Public Library, where, as part of a celebration of the Library’s 100th anniversary, it’s on display  until the end of the year.

The engraving on the handle reads, “C. D. In Memory of Bob. 1862” (the year of Bob’s death).

I learned of this because it was part of Sunday’s New York Times crossword puzzle, successfully solved by Miranda “Holy Rabbit” Hale. (The clue was “The handle of Charles Dickens’s ivory letter opener, in the Library’s collection, is ___________”, and the answer was “The paw of his deceased cat.”)

18 thoughts on “Cocktail party tidbit of the week

    1. That was the first thing that came to my mind– “Bob? Dickens’ cat was named… Bob? Bob, and not, say, Grindlewinkie? Are we talking about the same Charles Dickens here?”

      (Miranda got that? *scribbling… next time… can’t…get…NYT crossword…call…Miranda. Got it.)

    2. I’m even more fairly amused that a crossword puzzle has a clue to which the answer consists of 6 words!

      Are you sure that it was a crossword puzzle?

        1. Do you mean the London Sunday Times? The above refers to the New York Times. of course.

          Actually, I take the Sunday Times and I usually complete the crossword – the one for stupid people printed in the Culture section, that is.

  1. Between CD’s cat-named-Bob letter opener & Salty’s link…what a long, strange trip this thread is!

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