7 thoughts on “Don’t forget the hummingbirds

  1. I opened it exactly as the momma bird came back. I didn’t get a clear view of the babies!

    Ever since escaping Young Earth Creationism all too recently, I’ve been getting a special thrill from modern dinosaurs 🙂

    Oh! There they are! Literally two throbbing pieces of flesh. Hard to believe they grow into something so beautiful! I saw a flash of the ruby throat on the momma, dazzling 🙂

  2. Eeeeewwwww. One of the babies just stuck its rear end out of the nest and let one rip. Do they instinctually know not to dirty the nest?

    1. Yes. I have a great picture of a barn swallow baby doing that.

      (Though parents often remove “fecal sacs” too…)

      Whaddaya mean, eeww? Ever have a baby? :D.

  3. Eagles, hummers… Hummers, eagles…
    Lucky they are in two time zones so I can watch each one at different times. Eagles sleeping now.

    I caught the mom feeding the babies this time. I’m glad this one has sound but I think I heard a plane flying over.

    I suppose those are spiderwebs holding the nest to the rose stems.

  4. What nature has done on its own, sans supernatural ‘nudging’, is magnificent, and in the absence of religion-sponsored mayhem, will continue.

  5. And for those interested in Peregrine Falcons, there’s… (you’ve probably already guessed) Falcon Cam! This is Last Picture Show to Wizard of Oz, and you have to suffer a cosmetic ad first, but it has the advantage of being up all night. From the Cathedral (in architecture only!) at the University of Pittsburgh: http://www.aviary.org/cons/falconcam_cl.php

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