A lovely goal

February 13, 2011 • 6:45 pm

Lately Wayne Rooney hasn’t had an easy time of it, either soccer- or lifewise, but on Saturday he scored a fantastic goal against Man City, giving United a 2-1 victory:

Manager Sir Alex Ferguson says it’s the best goal he’s ever seen at Old Trafford. More expert opinion is here.

Bicycle goals aren’t unique, of course: here are ten more.


19 thoughts on “A lovely goal

    1. Haha. Seconded.

      Like USGooner I too am a Gooner (Arsenal supporter). Jerry, as a big fan this blog and your book, please don’t tell me posting this goal in any way means you are a ManU supporter. It would be a bitter pill to swallow.

        1. I love your blog, but to know you are a Spurs fan puts you into the upper echelons. Fantastic win over Sunderland!

    1. Indeed. I don’t know what on earth possessed him to attempt to eat it!

      But seriously, he didn’t lose his nerve last summer (which is what I presume you actually mean by ‘choked’). He was rushed back from injury and simply unfit.

  1. I loved Rooney’s modest comment on his spectacular goal:

    I saw it coming over and I thought why not? Nine times out of 10 they go into the stand.

  2. While playing indoor soccer earlier this evening, I scored a nice goal from a difficult angle (apologies for the self-promotion, but it was a nice goal), My soccer mates appreciated it, and remarked on my Rooney-like play. Although a talented star player, his reputation has been sullied since the World Cup, and I wasn’t sure why they mentioned Rooney. Now I know– they’d all watched the Premier League games yesterday, while I was busy with students at a museum techniques workshop! (Mine wasn’t a bicycle, though.)

  3. Bicycle kicks don’t really count as good goals; spectacular ones, yes, but there is too much chance involved that even very average players can score them (and they look equally spectacular). And besides, it was for manu! The only good manu goal is an own goal!

  4. I have a passionate hatred for Manchester United, ever since I was about 18 and got dumped by a girlfriend who wanted to move to Manchester so she could see the play more often.

    Not that I have been left bitter and twisted by the experience though. Just so long as anybody playing them beats them.

  5. How can a bunch of atheists not love a team nicknamed the Red Devils? One might get the impression you obsessively support the underdog in hopeless situations. You’re just weakening the football gene pool people.

  6. Go Red Devils- I come by it honestly.

    And, dear FA Premier League- did it ever occur to you that stopping people from seeing a spectacular shot like that is not the best way to advertise?

    Am reminded of HBO’s handling of the Obama Inauguration Concert, when they went around purging all the YouTube videos. By leaving them up they would have generated a lot of buzz, becme part of the general culture, provided free ads for HBO and generated interested in DVD sales- but NOOO!!!

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