Kitteh contest: Zen cat

January 26, 2011 • 4:37 am

This entry came from reader Yokohamamama, whose eponymous blog I’ve mentioned before.  If you’re interested in things Japanese, including kittehs, birds, plants, and food, have a look (and check out her 11 favorite songs).  The cat is not hers, but who cares?

This kitteh is in fact a neighbor’s kitteh and not my own (my kitteh, Clio, is in Arizona taking care of my mom since her liver transplant).  I don’t know his name, and he doesn’t allow me to get close to him, but we have a nodding acquaintance.  I see him nearly every day when I put the futons out to air.  He’s usually draped across the roof of another neighbor’s silver sports car, languidly sunning himself in luxurious tranquility.  On this particular day, as I was returning from a morning walk, I looked up and was surprised to see him perched on the roof—hardly a comfortable posture.  I watched for several minutes, but he never moved or blinked.  I could only assume, given his expression, that he had repented of his luxurious lifestyle and was doing his early morning Zazen on the ridgepole as penance for his sins.   Caption:  “I can haz Buddah Nacherz”

25 thoughts on “Kitteh contest: Zen cat

  1. Thanks very much–mom is doing well since Clio (my real cat) gets her up, puts her to bed, and a month ago let my parents know that the guest toilet had sprung a leak. It’s a load off my mind knowing she’s there looking after them 😉

    Zen Kitteh I haven’t seen recently–and he used to hang out on my neighbor’s car *all* the time! He must be serious about giving up his worldly ways–Namu Amida Kitteh!

    1. Perhaps the car has to have been warmed up by the sun? I wouldn’t want to lie on a car in January in the northern hemisphere!

  2. Clearly Zen Kitteh is a very powerful cat — just look at all the heavy-duty electrical lines going into or out of him. He must be powering the entire neighborhood!



      1. Hmm, a feline gargoyle. The roof detail suggests that the house may be ~100y/o. Is that about right, or are such things found on newer structures too?

        1. My in-laws house in Japan has very similar tiles and it is only ten years old. I think it’s rather common to build new houses with this style of ‘old’ looking roof. That said, new houses are not that common in Japan – most new dwellings seem to be medium rise apartment blocks.

  3. I’ve seen roofs like that on newish houses–although, now that you mention it, I’m not sure how old that one is. Not a hundred years old I don’t think–there really aren’t that many old structures around. People tend to tear down and rebuild on the same plot. I like the roof of that house–it’s the only one on that street with that detail. Zen Kitteh *does* look a bit gargoyl-ish behind it. Koma-neko! 😉

  4. Gargoyle? Hah! It is most likely your local New World Order Overlord, or his Minion! My Kitteh joined them this weekend and has been demonstrating attempts to dominate. He actually is expecting canned food for every meal!!! (well actually he always has) It is amazing the difference those microchip implants make! He has aken over my old down parka for his bed! What will he do next? Help!!

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