Doc Bill is shameless

January 26, 2011 • 6:56 am

I like to fancy that this website anchors a small community, so that, instead of haranguing each other to perform salacious acts with rusty utensils, we actually get to know each other.  Many of you have read Doc Bill’s comments, and know that he is the über-proud owner of his kitteh Kink, a tabby with a bent tail.  Kink was a runner -up in the Awesome Kitteh Contest, and the subject of an awesome Thankgiving card that I also posted.

Now, however, Doc Bill is trying to parlay Kink’s fame into a lucrative empire, and has established (on the urging of myself and Miranda Hale) a website for the cat,  There you can see photos of the lolzy creature, and read his sporadic postings.

But publicity was not enough—Doc Bill wanted money.  And so he made this, currently holding my morning latte:

Yes, that’s Doc Bill, in his characteristic Hawaiian shirt, with his beloved Kink.  He has in fact set up a Kink the Cat Store at CafePress, hoping to cash in on his kitteh.  (I doubt that Kink sees any profits!)

Doc sent me a free mug, doubtlessly knowing that I’d publicize his store and and send business his way.  You can buy Kink mugs, tee shirts, and even (if you have a goggie you want to pwn), Kink the Cat Dog Shirts!

Okay, I’ve done my duty for the free mug.  But two hints to Doc Bill: Make the logo bigger, and allow comments on Kink’s blog.

9 thoughts on “Doc Bill is shameless

  1. Oh come on, we all the purrfect cats, even if not entered in a contest. I love the creativity but will continue to buy my mugs and T-shirts from sites that support shelters.

  2. Has Doc Bill ever been in danger of excessive shame?

    More to the point, is it really plausible that Kink would pick a slave with excessive shame?



  3. Offtopic, sorry, but Dr. Coyne, I needed to let you know that because of your wonderful influence as a powerful biologist and blogger, my coworker is making me a PAKE for my 30th birthday this Friday.

    Thank you!

  4. Thank you all very much! I’m chuffed at such a warm response, and especially pleased to serve as a container for Jerry’s morning latte following the gravitational demise of his favorite cup.

    I’m the favorite in my house so I know how the poor, late cup felt.

    Yes, more designs will be forthcoming and comments on the site, although tricky to implement are being looked into by my well-trained and experienced IT department.

    So, carrion and make me proud.

    Rubs and bites,

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