12 thoughts on “Robocop vs. washing machine

  1. Haha! My cat is scared shitless (literally, his bin is in the laundry) of our running washing machine. This must be a tough one.

    1. Just what I thought :-))

      After my oldest son was born, a friend with older kids told me “there are many similarities between kids and cats–watch as he gets older”. She was right. When half the top broke off of our old washing machine, all three kids would stand around it, mesmerized, watching it go around during the wash cycle (I made them stay away from it during the spin cycle) ;-))

  2. Now am I’m confused – that was supposed to be the URL. Sorry Jerry. It would appear that I am too middle age for the interwebs. I’ll buy a pipe and slippers instead.

  3. Would there be an evolutionary reason for that behaviour? Cats have presumably not evolved to see what we see (what we laughingly call “what’s really there”), but only what they need to see. Would those clothes have enough salient features in common to resemble something useful to cats, such as a grounded flock of pigeons?

  4. Well, this is real robo cop (Mark I). It’s kind of the same thing (only different).


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