28 thoughts on “I haz a mug!

  1. Watch your mail. You’ll be receiving another self-promotional mug shot mug from someone near and dear to my flinty, shriveled-up old heart.

  2. Can someone please explain why Coyne reverts to this strange misspelled, slang lingo like ‘I haz kittehs’?

    What is this?

  3. That is a great mug. And judging by the comments it looks like this could be a hot item if you (or whoever made it?) were to offer it for sale to your audience!

    I also have my preferred coffee mug- it is the right size, weight, feels right in my hands, keeps my coffe appropriately warm, and it is cute and a gift from my husband- so I understand having your perfect mug!

    So me is real glad you agin haz yooself you a coffee mug even if it has all them incorrect learnings about humans comin from apes and all. 😉

  4. LOLspeak got the whole idea from a van that sells dog treats next to the massive offleash area in Marymoor Park in Redmond, Washington (where, I suppose, thousands of jillionaires take dogs named Windows and Crash).

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