Kitteh contest entry: Calista

December 28, 2010 • 4:28 am

Only a few of our entries mentioned the value of cats in helping one get through hard times.  This story and photo come from Sal Bro and her cat Calista:

Calista was born on my birthday. I acquired her from a distraught hospital patient who’d left behind a beloved feline and her new litter of kittens. When conversations with my patient changed from returning home to nursing homes, I agreed to take in a scrawny white-and-tabby kitten and her sociable all-black sister. On adoption day, in place of the white tabby, they carted out a beautiful little calico. “Yep, that’s her,” I said and did not mention the mix-up.

Calista was a great comfort to me through the difficult end of a 10-year relationship. When suddenly the bed was only half-full, she dutifully warmed the other half. She sniffed my tears and snuggled with me on the couch. Later, she accepted a new house and two new step-siblings with only one attempt at suicide (failed, fortunately). Today, her pastimes include exploring the back yard, binge-eating, purging, and lounging atop a throne of sisal rope and carpet.

She defies photography, given a fear of anything that is pointed at her face, so I regret that I have only one photo of her in which she is looking at the camera and does not look crazed. It was taken with my web camera, during one of the dark, lonely evenings after the breakup. She’s been a good friend.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my kitteh.

6 thoughts on “Kitteh contest entry: Calista

  1. Don’t know what to say. Brilliant. First entry that made me feel anything.

    I see now why Cheeky never stood a chance. He had a poor human who thought that sending in a photo with a few words was enough. It wasn’t. I wish I’d had a terrible tale to tell. Happily (but not in terms of this contest) I don’t and Cheeky and the 5 other felines who run our lives just do whatever. I get it now. Glad I didn’t win.

  2. Kittehs aren’t stupid. They know cameras steal your soul. Beautiful cat. I’m glad there’s at least one picture. May you have many years of love with Calista.

  3. A beautiful story — oh, how I can relate! And my favorite photo so far.

    Jerry, I’m sure I’m not the first to suggest this, but you should really publish these as a book!

  4. There is nothing like a kitteh for comfort. Although since I just vacuumed the rug mine has gone awol, she hates the vacuum cleaner.

  5. I am SO glad I wasn’t a judge for this contest! I could never have decided which amazing entries to choose over the others.

    Thank you, Sal, for a story all pet-people can identify with. Not to mention the wicked humor bits all cat-people can appreciate.

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