The most beautiful girl in the lab

October 3, 2010 • 6:37 am

How many of us grad-student lab rats had feelings like this?  Before you criticize this as a geeky attempt at a romance song, be aware that it’s a parody of “The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room” by the Conchords. (I just saw their engagingly bizarre television show for the first time).

Here’s my favorite Conchord song: “Carol Brown: Choir of Ex Girlfriends.”

h/t: Matthew Cobb

17 thoughts on “The most beautiful girl in the lab

  1. The episode with “Carol Brown”, where Jemaine dates an Australian, is pretty much the best episode of the show.

    1. I think that episode is guest directed by Michel Gondry. The New Zealand/Australia jibes in that episode are brilliant. Brett asks Jermaine to check whether the girl he has woken up next to is Australia by asking what her accent sounds like and is told: “It sounds like an evil version of ours”.
      As for the current song, its well produced but doesn’t show any imagination. You cannot really do a parody or a parody (unless you are a creationist, I suppose). The original FOTC song is a parody of Prince’s song “The most beautiful girl in the world”, setting it in bedsit land. The current version, above, has only a few small changes from the FOTC original and even left out the funniest line where they give possibly the most ill advised compliment possible in a chat-up situation “You’re so beautiful – like a tree…or a high class prostitute”

  2. I’ve always wondered how well some of the jokes translate outside of New Zealand.

    Scene Bret, Jemaine and Murray are in Murray’s office. They’re arguing, and it’s getting quite heated.

    Murray: Let’s just calm down, look we shouldn’t even be fighting in front of the map [looks to NZ map] – it’s just not right.
    Jemaine: *looks down, ashamed* Yeah, of course Murray.
    Brett: Sorry.

    Or this little gem:

    Jemaine: Bret do you like penguins?
    Bret: Yeah.. Nah.
    Jemaine: Sometimes I’m glad we don’t live in New Zealand anymore.. All those penguins. Remember how.. There’d be penguins-
    Bret: Yeah.
    Jemaine: Bret.. I’m kinda doing all the work in this conversation.

  3. Ah, FOTC! Australia loves these guys – especially the very endearing way they hang shit on us 🙂

    We even tried to claim them as our own once – but the very Kiwi-centric humour made that a difficult proposition.

    [Incidentally, we tried the same NZ-to-Oz trick with Sam Neill (successfully), Peter Jackson (unsuccessfully) and Russell Crowe (successfully – we then tried returning him to NZ, but that’s proved impossible as he’s chosen an Aussie rugby team to support).]

    Anyway, our hunt for a world-beating musical comedy act to steal seemed doomed – but then we remembered home-grown Tim Minchin. And, as there’s only ONE of him and he’s extremely blasphemous, we claimed eternal victory 😀

    1. Oy! How have you claimed Sam Neill? The man lives in Queenstown and fronts Kiwibanks latest add campaign!

      But really, you can keep Russell, we don’t mind…

      1. Well, like I said, we’re stuck with Rusty. Once you pick a footy team, that’s it – irrevocable citizenship. Even if you do pick the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

        As for Sam, well, we nabbed him shortly after Jurassic Park. The NZ govt didn’t claim him back with the statue of limitations – Kiwibank ads or not.

        But hey – you can have TV’s Rebecca Gibney back if you like. Just don’t let her on “Outrageous Fortune” – it’s my favourite NZ show and she’d bloody wreck it.

        Really though, none of this matters – you gave Ray Comfort to the US and we gave them Ken Ham! That’s some serious ANZAC pwnage right there 😀

        1. I think anyone who damaged Outrageous Fortune would get chased out of the country (they would try to go to Australia, but hopefully get hounded out of there too).

          Well, it only makes sense that the crazies navigate to the USA.
          They have a large enough population base that they will eventually find somebody who agrees with them (or, you know, an entire political party).

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