Jerry as a Neanderthal

by Greg Mayer

At the new Hall of Human Origins at the USNM on the Mall in Washington D.C., you can have a photograph of your face merged with the reconstruction of a Neanderthal, to see what you would have looked like as an early human.  Jerry’s there now, and here’s Jerry’s photo. I’m not sure I can detect any real differences.

Jerry as a Neanderthal.

Jerry will be posting about the exhibit later (as will I, as promised).

18 thoughts on “Jerry as a Neanderthal

  1. What’s with the faux hawk anyway? Are you insinuating that Neanderthals were hipsters? Damn good thing they went extinct then…

  2. Looks like Neanderthal’s mouths hadn’t fully evolved yet. Maybe they died out from starvation.

  3. I have a problem with this; it seems faintly dualist to toy with what “I would look like as a Neanderthal”, as if you have a Neanderthal soma into which you insert the soul, and suddenly you’re ready to roll, like getting into a new car or something.

    Or to make it a bit more controversial, would we be happy with a program for “What I would look like as a Black” if you were Caucasian, or vice versa? Is this not racist towards Neanderthals?

    [Yes, I *am* trying to be a bit of a dick with this ;-)]

  4. What’s with the white upper lip? I get the low forehead, large nose, brow ridge, etc., but wait – I just described myself. Never mind.

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