14 thoughts on “Netherlands 3, Uruguay 2

    1. And it will CONTINUE to be. I will have the scores up no more than 5 minutes after the game is over.

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  1. An excellent game.

    So far, so good for my “through the glass darkly” prognosis of a Holland vs. Germany final.

    Alas, there is now a question mark to the Germany playing in the final as Paul Octopus, vulgarly and misleadingly called as “the Psychic”, has predicted a Spanish victory in the remaining semifinal. Indeed, I shall insist that Paul will from now on called as “the Perfect Bayesian” instead of that sadly misguided and sensational description.


    Moreover, the Dutch victory gave extra confirmation to the view that has gained increasing acceptance among the cognoscentis: teams whose players do not appeal often to teh Ceiling Cat,
    increase thereby their chances to win. Indeed, there even seems to exist a similar negative correlation between success and invocations of teh Basement Cat as vocal and unrestrained curses where all aspects of the nether realm of teh Basement Cat are displayed risk the Red Card, a major manifestation of feline disfavor.

    1. Hey, Uruguay wouldn’t fare much better in that… though most are Christians here, the State/Church division is quite clearly marked, and it’s been so since the beginnings of the XX Century.

  2. ## 3 & 7:
    Apparently you guys missed that Wesley Sneijder converted to catholicism just before the championship. He was rewarded with 5 goals (so far).

  3. Agreed with KM – a poor game marked by poor goal keeping in the first half. Sometimes though the more mistakes the more exciting the game…

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