12 thoughts on “Jason Rosenhouse is steamed

  1. Jason Rosenhouse is steamed


    * Richard Dawkins Is Not Amused

    Torbjörn Larsson is tickled pink.

  2. We need to get Richard Dawkins to wear one of those huge handlebar mustaches and find a railroad track, and rope and Nell, the damsel in distress.

  3. That was the strangest way for a reactionary to deflect the argument onto Dawkins shoulders with the addition of theistic evolution.

    1. It’s a joke. Rosenhouse is coming over all ironic and satirical. Not something that necessarily comes over well on the web, but it is a joke. Or maybe I missed some irony/satire in your post? Ulp…

      1. Geez, I got nailed again. Damned satirists sounding too much like creationists and Bible thumpers. I ended up reading his other posts, Thanks for the correction Matt and Bob.

  4. Also, Dawkins is the leading cause of global warming. And World War I. And gravity.

    Damn him. Damn him to hell!

  5. I once wore a t-shirt with the words “Mahler’s 5th” written on the front to my Christian elementary school gym class. The back depicted a caricature of Gustav Mahler headed to the fridge after his 4th beer.

    Subsequently, I was send to the headmaster’s office and I blamed it *all* on Hector Berlioz.

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