Shoot me now: Coca Cola is an official partner of the Creation Museum

June 10, 2009 • 11:06 am

Well, I’ve officially sworn off Coca Cola.  Thank to P.Z. on Pharyngula, I’ve discovered that Kentucky’s Creation Museum is  partnered with Coca-Cola. From the museum’s website:

When you visit Noah’s Cafe you will notice that our deck is adorned with colorful bright red umbrellas courtesy of our Coke corporate partners.

The Creation Museum and Coke have been partners officially since April even though Coke has been on site for years.

Some fun facts to know are that Noah’s Café is 2nd in Coke sales for the area, next to the Cincinnati airport. Regular and Diet Coke are the most popular flavors here and guests prefer fountain drinks (60%) to bottled products (40%). Because of their popularity Coke will be installing a second machine to handle the high demand for fountain drinks. As you travel thru the museum experience you will end up in the Palm Plaza.

Here you can rest and enjoy a variety of Gold Peak ice teas as well as speciality drinks like Coke Blak and Godiva Belgian Blends while sitting among the palm trees. At the museum you can feed both mind and body while enjoying a fun day with family and friends.

What people won’t do for a buck! I’ve tried to find an email address for complaining to Coca Cola, but to no avail. Maybe an alert reader can help. In the meantime, make mine Pepsi.


“Ignorance goes better with Coke!”