Shoot me now: Coca Cola is an official partner of the Creation Museum

June 10, 2009 • 11:06 am

Well, I’ve officially sworn off Coca Cola.  Thank to P.Z. on Pharyngula, I’ve discovered that Kentucky’s Creation Museum is  partnered with Coca-Cola. From the museum’s website:

When you visit Noah’s Cafe you will notice that our deck is adorned with colorful bright red umbrellas courtesy of our Coke corporate partners.

The Creation Museum and Coke have been partners officially since April even though Coke has been on site for years.

Some fun facts to know are that Noah’s Café is 2nd in Coke sales for the area, next to the Cincinnati airport. Regular and Diet Coke are the most popular flavors here and guests prefer fountain drinks (60%) to bottled products (40%). Because of their popularity Coke will be installing a second machine to handle the high demand for fountain drinks. As you travel thru the museum experience you will end up in the Palm Plaza.

Here you can rest and enjoy a variety of Gold Peak ice teas as well as speciality drinks like Coke Blak and Godiva Belgian Blends while sitting among the palm trees. At the museum you can feed both mind and body while enjoying a fun day with family and friends.

What people won’t do for a buck! I’ve tried to find an email address for complaining to Coca Cola, but to no avail. Maybe an alert reader can help. In the meantime, make mine Pepsi.


“Ignorance goes better with Coke!”

23 thoughts on “Shoot me now: Coca Cola is an official partner of the Creation Museum

  1. I found their snail mail address but not a direct email address to question them on this. Here it is if you are interested.

    The Coca-Cola Company
    P.O. Box 1734
    Atlanta, GA 30301

    Coca-Cola is the only cola I will drink, when given a choice. Sometimes I need the caffeine to help boost my migraine meds and I am always saddened when it has to be Pepsi.

    I associate Coke as the premiere cola in the world. I am finding it impossible to correlate that impression with the stupidity of the Creation Museum.

  2. I’m fairly certain that you shouldn’t trust any written statement made by the Creation Museum. Or anything they say. Or anything they perform in a pantomime.

    More specifically, I’ll bet if you send an e-mail to Coke’s PR flacks to ask about this press release, you’ll find out that what’s going on here is that the Creation Museum has signed an exclusive deal to sell only Coke on site. Coke gives restaurants that sign exclusive deals with them all kinds of little gee-gaws to adorn their building with. And that’s what this all looks like – an exclusive deal with the cafe in the Creation Museum.

    If this trumpeting of a “partnership” with Coke is anything more than that, I’ll eat my hat.

  3. There are certainly many reasons to swear off Coke (and Pepsi for that matter):

    But is Coke a “partner” in the sense of sponsoring this “museum”, or are they merely providing beverage service (like they would at any restaurant or cafeteria)? If the latter, I’m not sure this is cause for protest.

  4. Now I feel virtuous that I don’t drink Coke. (Only because dark sodas make my stomach hurt, but now I can pretend it’s a political statement.)

    The Coca Cola company makes more than just Coca Cola. They also make all of these:

    Minute Maid
    Full Throttle
    Bacardi Mixers
    Capri Sun
    Mello Yello
    Vitamin Water

    Plus tons of other stuff…

    1. I don’t drink carbonated beverages and I do not consume any of the above labels, except once or twice a year (Minute Maid, Dannon) – now I won’t consume those either.

    1. Well, yeah…they’ve been with WDW since the beginning (1971). At least the science there is real!

  5. I’ll bet the Creation Museum just doesn’t understand what being a ‘partner’ is. I’ll bet anyone who has a coke store is a ‘partner.’ The Creation Museum is probably looking for some much needed credibility. Plus, I’m sure Coca-Cola loves the extra advertising.

    I know it’s hard for you to imagine Dr. Coyne, but for a Creationist being a ‘partner’ with Coca-Cola probably adds lots of credibility.

    1. “for a Creationist being a ‘partner’ with Coca-Cola probably adds lots of credibility.”

      Adds lots of credibility to/for whom?

  6. You people are way out of line if you think coke is supporting or not supporting the beliefs of the Creation Museum. Coke is in business to do one thing, MAKE MONEY!!! If there was a place out there that worshiped dishwashers and they can sell a product, why wouldn’t they? If your mad at Coke for selling product there you better be mad at GE for selling them lightbulbs and GM or Ford for selling them cars. I almost forgot,….. don’t buy Charmin because they might supply the toilet paper.
    I have worked in Marketing all my life and Coke is a company that we studied in college. The company I work for today would love to have their business model. They have a quality product that they can sell almost anywhere. You learn early on that you don’t get involved in religion or politics but you also can’t please everyone and there is always people with nothing better to do than try to find flaws in everything.
    Its a museum, get over it. If you don’t agree with them then don’t go. I don’t care if they have coke, pepsi or anything else but obviously people who attend this place get thirsty.
    Your issue is evidently with the Creation Museum. If you have an evolution museum call coke or pepsi and i bet they would compete for your business if they can make money from you.

    1. @realworld

      A company that makes it look like they favor a belief or set of beliefs sets themselves up to be judged based on that.

      You learn early on that you don’t get involved in religion or politics

      So…. this is them getting involved in both religion and politics at the same time. By your logic they shouldn’t be doing this right?

      1. I have absolutely no beef with Coca-Cola partnering with religious groups. What bothers me is that they are partnering here with an institution that spreads lies about evolution. To use an analogy, it’s as if they partnered with a group that denied the Holocaust. Coke shouldnt’ be involved with groups that lie to the public about science. (Note: I don’t want to hear from smartasses who say that religious groups lie to the public about God.)

    2. They do have an evolution museum. In fact, all the museums of natural history are evolution museums, and they have lots of deals with Coke and Pepsi. the creation museum is unique and yes, this site has a big problem with them. Just like Coke and pepsi are competitors, Evolutionists and Creationsists are. And, so far, it’s hard to tell who the fittest is.

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  8. Readers might also like to know that Coca Cola, or any cola, will remove tarnish from brass, rust from iron/steel and will dissolve tooth enamel because of the phosphate found in all colas.

    They all also now use high fructose corn syrup, HFCS, instead of sugar. This synthetic sweetener is probably poisoning the populace drinking colas. Check out the compound on Google where you may find frightening posts about the hazards, among them that it blocks the appetite suppressor, making the diner want more and more.

    HFCS was developed and is produced by industrial giants to compete with sugar as a less expensive sweetener and apparently with no regard for public health and the burgeoning of obesity with its consequences, among them early onset diabetes in many persons too young to experience the disease if they were of normal weight.

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