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A supermodel speaks, and it ain’t pretty

Yes, I do follow popular culture, at least to the extent that I know who Bella Hadid is. She’s a very wealthy  21-year-old supermodel (as is her sister Gigi), with both sisters the offspring of a very wealthy Los Angeles real-estate developer.  Bella was voted “Model of the Year” in 2016, and you can see […]

Air New Zealand’s 2017 Christmas ad

Now that I’m an Honorary Kiwi™, you’ll find a marginal increase in the number of items about New Zealand. But that’s okay, because Kiwis have a great sense of humor about nearly everything—especially themselves. This is the 2017 Christmas ad from Air New Zealand, and it spends no time touting the airline but a lot […]

New Zealand police recruitment video

Reader Diana MacPherson sent me this recruitment video produced by the New Zealand police. (Stuff, a New Zealand news site, explains anything that might confuse you, but it’s pretty clear). It makes me proud to be an honorary Kiwi. As Diana said, “Watch for the police cat near the end!”  

Baby Sausage Jesus causes uproar in England

Matthew sent me an article from the Guardian (click headline below) with the note, “Greggs is a cheap and cheerful UK bakery chain known for its pasties, pies and – praise the Lord! – sausage rolls”. Unfortunately, they substituted a sausage roll for Jesus in a nativity scene. BAD move!   Greggs’s £24 Advent calendar […]

Kiwi-themed ad for Air New Zealand

As an Honorary Kiwi, I present Air New Zealand’s new promotion (they’re famous for their funny ads), featuring a kiwi that is no longer flightless due to cultural evolution. As FastCompany notes, In the plucky airline’s first global brand campaign aimed at U.S. and Canadian residents—starring a talking kiwi named Pete who is voiced by Jurassic Park’s Sam Neill—Air New […]

Worst ad of the year: Kendall Jenner quells social unrest and promotes harmony with Pepsi

Remember the old 1971 ad for Coca-Cola with the song “I’d like to buy the world a Coke”, proving that diverse peoples could be united by sharing a soft drink? Here it is: That reminds me of the Google Doodle I wrote about the other day, promoting diversity but doing so in a way that irritated many of […]

Why is the goose cooked?

In preparation for my trip to New Zealand, I’ve been watching some of their famous commercials, including their safety demonstrations, like this one having a Lord of the Rings theme: or this one, featuring the beloved All Blacks rugby team: This one features the entire crew wearing nothing but body paint: And here’s an ad, also funny, […]

What’s wrong with this ad?

Here’s an ad for a new clothing line involving a collaboration between The Gap corporation and comedian Ellen DeGeneris. Look at it, and then guess why it provoked a huge burst of outrage on social media—one so violent that The Gap is going to pull the ad. The girls, by the way, are members of Le Petit […]

Ceiling Cat bless the Kiwis!

Here’s a fantastic safety video from Air New Zealand: a takeoff of Lord of the Rings which, of course, was filmed largely in that country. And the information from YouTube: As the official airline of Middle-earth, Air New Zealand has gone all out to celebrate the third and final film in The Hobbit Trilogy – The Hobbit: The […]

Ron Reagan’s ad for the FFRF

The Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF), our Official Website Secular Organization™, has sent its members a link to a brand-new secularist ad by Ron Reagan, son of the late President. Reagan fils is, of course, a longstanding and outspoken atheist, and has won the FFRF’s “Emperor Has No Clothes” award. I love the last line. It […]