Sunday: Hili dialogue

November 5, 2023 • 6:45 am

Welcome to Sunday, the Sabbath for goyische cats: November 5, 2023, and National Donut Day,  Here’s the largest donut I’ve ever seen: the “Big Dat” from Dat Donuts, not far from the University of Chicago. I’ve eaten a whole one:


It’s also American Football Day, , National Love Your Red Hair Day (I would if I could), Book Lovers Day, National Chinese Take-Out Day, Bank Transfer Day, and The End of Daylight Saving Time.  Finally, in Panama it’s Colón Day, the day on which all Panamanians get their colonoscopy; ans it’s Guy Fawkes Night in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada (?)

Readers are welcome to mark notable events, births, or deaths on this by consulting the November 5 Wikipedia page.

Da Nooz:

*This morning’s war news from the NYT.

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken made an unannounced visit on Sunday to the Israeli-occupied West Bank to meet with Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the internationally backed Palestinian Authority, and other Palestinian leaders.

The top American diplomat’s visit to the West Bank city of Ramallah followed talks with Israeli and Arab leaders in Tel Aviv and Amman, Jordan, that have focused on preventing Israel’s war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip from spreading and on convincing the Israeli government to do more to limit civilian casualties in the enclave.

In Israel, Mr. Blinken had urged protections for Palestinian noncombatants and for “humanitarian pauses” in the fighting, even as he supported Israel’s right to defend itself. The Gazan Health Ministry, which is part of the Hamas-run government, says that Israeli attacks have killed more than 9,400 people in the territory, a toll that has provoked outrage around the world — and in the West Bank.

Mr. Blinken and Mr. Abbas last held talks three weeks ago in Ramallah, days after Hamas extremists from Gaza launched a surprise attack that killed about 1,400 people in Israel, mostly civilians.

On Sunday, Mr. Blinken told Mr. Abbas that the United States was committed to the delivery of aid and essential services to Gaza and “made clear that Palestinians must not be forcibly displaced,” the State Department said in a statement. The two men discussed efforts to restore calm in the West Bank — where strikes by the Israeli military and deadly attacks by armed Israeli settlers have surged since the Oct. 7 assault — and stop extremist violence against Palestinians.

I wonder how Abbas will guarantee that the humanitarian aid will go to Gazan civilians and not Hamas (this week Israeli inspectors found oxygen concentrators for Hamas’s tunnels hidden in a batch of cookies that were supposed to constitute “humanitarian” aid).  Even food and medicine will go largely to support Hamas, but I wonder if people care. (That, of course, doesn’t mean I don’t support genuine humanitarian aid, which I do.) Fuel is also banned, though there’s this:

Israel has thus far rejected growing calls to allow in fuel, expressing concerns that Hamas will divert it to power its tunnels. IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi said Thursday that Israel would allow fuel to enter Gaza via the Rafah crossing should it determine that hospitals have run out of fuel.

You have to admit that Blinken is working his tail off trying to limit damage from the war. And so far Biden’s done a great job, too.

*A billionaire is leading a donors’ revolt against the University of Pennsylvania for being soft on Hamas and harboring a campus supposedly full of antisemitism.

When Marc Rowan’s father died while he was a student at the University of Pennsylvania and the family could no longer afford tuition, the school told him he could finish paying whenever he was able.

Rowan sent the university the money a few months after graduation, using his first bonus from his job as a junior investment banker at Drexel Burnham Lambert. Grateful for its generosity, he kept giving to Penn as he climbed to the pinnacle of Wall Street power. He donated $50 million to its Wharton school in 2018, the largest gift the business school had ever received at the time.

But after Hamas attacked Israel Oct. 7, Rowan, the chief executive of private-equity giant Global Management, went on television and said he is halting donations to his alma mater over its response to the conflict and antisemitism on campus. He is at the center of an alumni revolt against the school and has called for Penn’s president and the chair of its board of trustees to step down.

What set off Rowan and other major donors was Penn’s response to the violence in Israel. On Oct. 10, Penn President Liz Magill called the assault “horrific” but didn’t explicitly condemn Hamas.

The donors had already been upset about what they saw as growing antisemitism on campus and the school’s response to it.

“I don’t think the intent was for it to be forceful,” Rowan says of the response to the attacks. “I don’t think the university gives a crap, to be candid.”

Rowan watched President Magill post on Instagram about her dog. Three days after the attacks, she said: “We are devastated by the horrific assault on Israel by Hamas that targeted civilians and the taking of hostages over the weekend.”

Rowan fired off an op-ed to the Penn school newspaper. He wrote that he regretted not doing more to change the direction of the school as a trustee. The paper didn’t publish it immediately, so he went on CNBC.

“Microaggressions are condemned with extreme moral outrage and yet violence, particularly violence against Jews, antisemitism, seems to have found a place of tolerance on the campus,” Rowan said on the air.

It’s clear that Rowan didn’t like the nature of speech that Penn was allowing to occur (like a Palestinian literary festival), and that I’m not keen on. But given that Penn had made political statements before, it was weird that the President wrote about her dog and waited three days to condemn Hamas. Still, I think Rowan overreacted a bit; the President has now issued four statements about the war. All this could have been avoided, of course, if Penn adopted Chicago’s Kalven principles of institutional neutrality. Which all schools should!

*From the NYT: Rashida Tlaib released a video calling out Biden for fostering the genocide of Palestinians.

Representative Rashida Tlaib, Democrat of Michigan and an outspoken voice for a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war, released a video on Friday that accused President Biden of supporting the genocide of Palestinians.

“Mr. President, the American people are not with you on this one,” Ms. Tlaib says in the video. “We will remember in 2024.”

After she speaks, the screen goes dark and a message appears in white lettering stating: “Joe Biden supported the genocide of the Palestinian people. The American people won’t forget. Biden, support a cease-fire now. Or don’t count on us in 2024.”

Ms. Tlaib, the only Palestinian American in Congress, has been on the leading edge of a group of progressive lawmakers criticizing Mr. Biden’s embrace of Israel since the attack by Hamas on Oct. 7, saying his actions have helped enable the deaths of Palestinian civilians in Israel’s response. She already beat back an attempt to censure her in the House this week over her comments on the war and is facing attack ads from a Democratic pro-Israel group.

But accusing Mr. Biden of supporting genocide marks an extraordinary broadside against the president by a lawmaker from his own party.

This odious woman just can’t keep her gob shut (see below), and I hope she loses support of both Congress and her constituents. She threatened Biden: “Do what I want or you’ll lose votes.” Sadly, she lied in her video, which I had a hard time finding online.

The Hill was one of the few places that had a link to the video— in this text:

Tlaib posted a video to X, formerly known as Twitter, on Friday showing pro-Palestinian marches around the country with tens of thousands of participants, adding a message for the president.

“Mr. President, the American people are not with you on this one,” she said. “We will remember in 2024.”

Note that the video, in the first of her pair of tweets below, claims that most Americans don’t stand with Biden on this issue (that’s a lie); uses the “From the river to the sea” genocidal trope (Tlaib lies about its meaning in the second tweet), and threatens Biden that he won’t be elected unless he caters to her wrongheaded view   Here’s her tweets; the first one has the video:

As I wrote in my own retweet of her “river to the sea” obfuscation:

*Here’s a piece from the Daily Fail about the clash between the Palestinian flag and the LGBTQ+ flag, which do look sort of similar although the latter flag keeps getting more complicate(click on screenshot below):

An excerpt:

Israel has responded to a video showing a combined LGBTQ and Palestinian flag being flown at a protest in New York as activists marched through London.

Israel‘s X account shared a post accompanied by a video that read: ‘A combined LGBTQ + Palestine flag in New York protest today. Why are there so many ‘queers FOR Palestine’, but absolutely no ‘queers IN Palestine’?’

The shared post carried the message from Israel: ‘Looking forward to seeing Hamas raise the rainbow flag across Gaza as a thank you for your solidarity.’

Here’s the tweet; let nobody say that the Jews, even in this dark time, don’t have a sense of humor:

Note the resemblance of the gay pride flag to the Palestinian flag (below), especially the red triangle at the flagpole end and the horizontal stripes:

It amazes me that gay people, transpeople, and nonbinary people celebrate a country where any deviation from the “cis” sexual norms is demonized. To wit:

This could be used as an illustration for the dictionary definition of “cognitive dissonance”. It defies belief.

And of course, given the Internet, this hypocrisy has produced memes like this:

More from the Fail story:

New York media and AFPTV estimated the crowd at thousands of demonstrators, who waved ‘Free Palestine’ and ‘By any means necessary’ placards.

And Just Like That star Sara Ramirez was spotted carrying a trans rights flag as they joined thousands of protesters at a ‘free Palestine’ rally in Brooklyn on Saturday.

The 48-year-old non-binary actor wore a keffiyeh – a monochrome patterned scarf which is a patriotic symbol of Palestinian identity – with a black North Face jacket, cap and dark sunglasses as they marched through the Bay Ridge neighbourhood.

Ramirez posted an Instagram story of the protest on Saturday with the crowd chanting the age-old rallying cry: ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’, while the demonstrator in front carried a sign demanding a ‘ceasefire’.

If you want to see photos of Rameriz waving a gay pride flag while marching for Palestine, go here.

But of course there are always issues that can arise:

*I mentioned to a friend this week that Hamas has been accused of shooting Gazans trying to flee to the south to escape Israeli attacks and bombs. My friend was appalled and could hardly believe it was true. Well, here’s a video from reddit that purports to show those killed by snipers. There are many, they don’t seem to be killed by a bomb or explosion, and there are many white flags. The caption:

Breaking News: Hamas snipers have reportedly killed dozens of children and women on the streets, targeting those attempting to travel from north to south Gaza and those displaying white flags as a sign of peace.

If this is blurred, go watch the video at the reddit site.

Breaking News: Hamas snipers have reportedly killed dozens of children and women on the streets, targeting those attempting to travel from north to south Gaza and those displaying white flags as a sign of peace.
byu/Able_Dance8865 in2ndYomKippurWar

More evidence from the Times of Israel, including a recording of an IDF official talking to a Gazan, trying to urge him to get the hell out of Gaza. The Gazan says he tried, but Hamas was turning people back with guns:

The Israel Defense Forces releases an audio recording of an officer in the Military Intelligence Directorate’s Unit 504 — which specializes in HUMINT — speaking to a Gazan man, during which he describes how Hamas is preventing people from evacuating from the northern part of the Gaza Strip and even shooting at them.

The IDF says Unit 504 soldiers have been calling up Palestinians in northern Gaza in recent days, instructing them to leave the area for their safety, as the military intensifies strikes in the Gaza City area ahead of an expected major ground incursion.

In the newly released call, the IDF officer can be heard calling on the man to head toward Khan Younis in southern Gaza, but the Gazan responds by saying Hamas is blocking all the roads and even shooting at people

The audio in a tweet.  Make of this what you will, but I don’t think it’s at all beyond Hamas to act like this. After all, they need their human shields;

Finally, there’s video evidence that Hamas is using the humanitarian “pauses” to attack Israeli forces with mortar fire and anti-tank missiles (there’s also video and audio evidence). No wonder Israel’s somewhat reluctant to allow these pauses.

Meanwhile in Dobrzyn, Andrzej is gulping down coffee as if there’s no tomorrow, and Hili’s keeping score.

Hili: You are drinking your fourth coffee since this morning.
A: None of your business.
In Polish:
Hili: Pijesz czwartą kawę od rana.
Ja: Nie twój interes.
And a picture of Baby Kulka helping Malgorzata at work:


From Williams Garcia:

From Irena. I’m betting the d*g has learned rather than having an instinctive, genetic fear of the skunk’s pattern:

Another political-themed meme from Anna:

From Masih: an apparent incident of government-forced protest that went wrong. Sound up, though it’s in Farsi.

From Merilee. This is without doubt the weirdest cat noise I’ve ever heard!

From my feed. Sound up, and I’m glad the baby bear didn’t get hurt.  N0te the drivers stopping.

From Barry. We see this in Botany Pond, which was full of red-eared sliders (and hopefully will be again).  People ask us if the turtles are fighting, but the “face-slapping”, by the smaller males, is part of courtship.

From Simon, an extraordinarily ignorant person. Can this be an Oxford student?


From the Auschwitz Memorial: she lived barely a month after arrival:


Two tweets from Dr. Cobb, who is now on Twitter at rare times. First a white agouti (leucistic or albino?):

Look at those zoomies. What an agile animal!

25 thoughts on “Sunday: Hili dialogue

  1. Those images of dead Palestinians attempting to flee to the south of Gaza speak volumes regarding what Hamas will do to save itself. Hamas must be destroyed for the good of all humanity.

    1. Also, if you want to see details regarding the Israeli victims of Hamas, visit the Oct7Map web site: It illustrates on a map of Israel and Gaza where each Israeli victim was killed on October 7 and provides a brief bio of each. (The site didn’t work correctly in iPad last week, but it now seems to be working correctly.)

    2. Agreed. According to the Torygraph:

      Hamas delayed the evacuation of wounded Palestinian civilians from Gaza by placing its own fighters on border departure lists.

      A senior official in Joe Biden’s administration said Hamas had repeatedly provided Israel, the United States and Egypt with lists of Palestinians who were wounded and should be allowed to depart – only for it to later emerge during security checks that many of those included were Hamas fighters.

      “About a third of the wounded Palestinians on the first lists were Hamas fighters,” reported The New York Times.

      The inclusion of the fighters was not acceptable, said the official, resulting in delays to the evacuation which only started this earlier week – more than three weeks into the war.

      1. “About a third of the wounded Palestinians on the first lists were Hamas fighters.” (NY Times)

        Exhaust the hypothesis space:
        1) Hamas is triaging its own wounded combatants to the front of the line, “enriching” the evacuation queue with their people at the expense of civilians, hoping to re-infiltrate them if they recover fighting ability;
        2) The wounded “civilians” in Gaza are in fact one-third armed Hamas combatants to begin with. Recall that a teenager of 15-16 wearing a green scarf and shot while becoming proficient at using an assault rifle will still be classified among “children” in looking at casualty figures. Since the UN would never accuse Hamas of using child soldiers, by definition a killed or wounded “child” must be a civilian non-combatant /sarc;
        3) The wounded “civilians” are some proportion greater than one-third Hamas fighters, including those not known to Israeli authorities to have been armed combatants at the time they were injured;
        4) Hamas is deliberately trying to frustrate the evacuation process by salting the queue with its wounded (and therefore useless) combatants, knowing that the Israelis will shut the evacuation down, keeping bona fidecivilians firmly in place to do their job as human shields;
        5), 6), 7), ………

        More than one of these can be true.

  2. On this day:
    1499 – The Catholicon, written in 1464 by Jehan Lagadeuc in Tréguier, is published; this is the first Breton dictionary as well as the first French dictionary.

    1605 – Gunpowder Plot: Guy Fawkes is arrested in the cellars of the Houses of Parliament, where he had planted gunpowder in an attempt to blow up the building and kill King James I of England.

    1872 – Women’s suffrage in the United States: In defiance of the law, suffragist Susan B. Anthony votes for the first time, and is later fined $100.

    1895 – George B. Selden is granted the first U.S. patent for an automobile.

    1916 – The Kingdom of Poland is proclaimed by the Act of 5th November of the emperors of Germany and Austria-Hungary.

    1916 – The Everett massacre takes place in Everett, Washington as political differences lead to a shoot-out between the Industrial Workers of the World organizers and local police.

    1917 – Lenin calls for the October Revolution.

    1925 – Secret agent Sidney Reilly, the first “super-spy” of the 20th century, is executed by the OGPU, the secret police of the Soviet Union.

    1940 – Franklin D. Roosevelt is the first and only President of the United States to be elected to a third term.

    1955 – After being destroyed in World War II, the rebuilt Vienna State Opera reopens with a performance of Beethoven’s Fidelio.

    1956 – Suez Crisis: British and French paratroopers land in Egypt after a week-long bombing campaign.

    1968 – Richard Nixon is elected as 37th President of the United States.

    1995 – André Dallaire attempts to assassinate Prime Minister Jean Chrétien of Canada. He is thwarted when the Prime Minister’s wife locks the door.

    2006 – Saddam Hussein, the former president of Iraq, and his co-defendants Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti and Awad Hamed al-Bandar, are sentenced to death in the al-Dujail trial for their roles in the 1982 massacre of 148 Shia Muslims.

    2007 – China’s first lunar satellite, Chang’e 1, goes into orbit around the Moon.

    2007 – The Android mobile operating system is unveiled by Google.

    2009 – U.S. Army Major Nidal Hasan murders 13 and wounds 32 at Fort Hood, Texas in the deadliest mass shooting at a U.S. military installation.

    2013 – India launches the Mars Orbiter Mission, its first interplanetary probe.

    1607 – Anna Maria van Schurman, Dutch painter (d. 1678). [A highly educated woman, who excelled in art, music, and literature, and became a polyglot proficient in fourteen languages, including Latin, Ancient Greek, Biblical Hebrew, Arabic, Syriac, Aramaic, and Ethiopic, as well as various contemporary European languages. She was the first woman to unofficially study at a Dutch university.]

    1887 – Paul Wittgenstein, Austrian-American pianist and educator (d. 1961). [Notable for commissioning new piano concerti for the left hand alone, following the amputation of his right arm during the First World War. He devised novel techniques, including pedal and hand-movement combinations, that allowed him to play chords previously regarded as impossible for a five-fingered pianist.]

    1892 – J. B. S. Haldane, English-Indian geneticist and biologist (d. 1964). [With innovative use of statistics in biology, he was one of the founders of neo-Darwinism. Despite his lack of an academic degree in the field, he taught biology at the University of Cambridge, the Royal Institution, and University College London. Renouncing his British citizenship, he became an Indian citizen in 1961 and worked at the Indian Statistical Institute for the rest of his life. 1961. Arthur C. Clarke credited him as “perhaps the most brilliant science populariser of his generation”. Brazilian-British biologist and Nobel laureate Peter Medawar called Haldane “the cleverest man I ever knew”. According to Theodosius Dobzhansky, “Haldane was always recognized as a singular case”; Ernst Mayr described him as a “polymath”; Michael J. D. White described him as “the most erudite biologist of his generation, and perhaps of the century”; James Watson described him as “England’s most clever and eccentric biologist” and Sahotra Sarkar described him as “probably the most prescient biologist of this [20th] century.”]

    1900 – Ethelwynn Trewavas, British ichthyologist, over a dozen fish species named in her honor (d. 1993).

    1911 – Roy Rogers, American singer, guitarist and actor (d. 1998).

    1913 – Vivien Leigh, Indian-British actress (d. 1967).

    1917 – Jacqueline Auriol, French pilot (d. 2000). [The first women to break the sound barrier, she set five world speed records in the 1950s and 1960s.]

    1931 – Ike Turner, American singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer (d. 2007).

    1935 – Lester Piggott, English flat racing jockey and trainer (d. 2022).

    1940 – Elke Sommer, German actress.

    1941 – Art Garfunkel, American singer-songwriter and guitarist.

    1943 – Sam Shepard, American playwright and actor (d. 2017).

    1946 – Gram Parsons, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1973).

    1947 – Peter Noone, English singer-songwriter and guitarist.

    1948 – Bernard-Henri Lévy, French philosopher and author.

    1959 – Bryan Adams, Canadian singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer and actor.

    1963 – Tatum O’Neal, American actress and author.

    1971 – Jonny Greenwood, English guitarist and songwriter.

    1974 – Ryan Adams, American singer-songwriter and guitarist. [I hadn’t realised that Bryan and Ryan Adams shared a birthday.]

    1976 – Mr. Fastfinger, Finnish guitarist and songwriter.

    I thought of all that worked dark pits
    Of war, and died
    Digging the rock where Death reputes
    Peace lies indeed.

    1515 – Mariotto Albertinelli, Italian painter and educator (b. 1474).

    1807 – Angelica Kauffman, painter (b. 1741).

    1879 – James Clerk Maxwell, Scottish physicist and mathematician (b. 1831).

    1942 – George M. Cohan, American actor, singer, composer, author and theatre manager/owner (b. 1878).

    1950 – Mary Harris Armor, American suffragist (b. 1863).

    1956 – Art Tatum, American pianist and composer (b. 1909).

    1960 – Johnny Horton, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1925).

    1960 – Mack Sennett, Canadian-American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1880).

    1964 – Buddy Cole, American pianist and conductor (b. 1916).

    1975 – Edward Lawrie Tatum, American geneticist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1909). [That’s the third time that the name Tatum has appeared in today’s lists!]

    1977 – Alexey Stakhanov, Russian-Soviet miner, the Stakhanovite movement has been named after him (b. 1906).

    1979 – Al Capp, American cartoonist (b. 1909).

    1987 – Eamonn Andrews, Irish radio and television host (b. 1922).

    1989 – Vladimir Horowitz, Ukrainian-American pianist and composer (b. 1903).

    1991 – Robert Maxwell, Czech-English captain, publisher, and politician (b. 1923).

    1997 – Isaiah Berlin, Latvian-English historian, author, and academic (b. 1909).

    2001 – Roy Boulting, English director and producer (b. 1913).

    2005 – John Fowles, English novelist (b. 1926).

    2005 – Link Wray, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1929).

    2015 – Hans Mommsen, German historian and academic (b. 1930). [He was also born on this day.]

    2020 – Geoffrey Palmer, English actor (b. 1927).

    1. Thanks for the Dallaire shout-out. From the wiki page, he “viewed himself as a ‘secret agent’ avenging the loss of sovereigntist forces in the 1995 Quebec referendum, and that he believed killing the Prime Minister would cause him to ‘become a hero for the nation'”.

      The referendum was an amazing bit of direct democracy: almost 95% voter turnout, over 5 million votes, and a difference of ~55,000 between “No” and “Yes”. About as substantial as the bedroom door that prevented him from killing the Crétiens.

      Two near misses in less than a week.

      1. Aline Chretien figured in a rare political joke featuring a politician’s family. Her husband, le p’tit gar from Shawinigan, spoke heavily accented French and English and was famous for being equally unintelligible in both official languages as noted by columnist Allan Fotheringham. No slouch himself, he once throttled a demonstrator who was getting in his face, much to the consternation of his RCMP protection detail.

        The story goes that at some tedious rubber-chicken government publicity event in a remote Canadian backwater, Ms. Chretien showed up wearing a hat made of fox fur that didn’t look so good on her. Her husband asked her why she had chosen the hat. She replied, “But Jean, mon chéri, that’s what you suggested.”

        “I did?”

        “Yes, when I asked you what I should wear to visit the good people of Tabusintac*, you said, ‘Tabusintac? Wher’ de fock’s ‘at?'”
        * a real place. My mother was born there.

        1. “Wear the fox hat.” Classic. I miss the days when Our Natural Governing Party was led by loveable rogues and not by cynical woke apparatchiks. Jean is crooked as a dog’s hind leg but he’s a patriot and that makes up for a lot.

    2. “Reilly: Ace of Spies,” one of my favorite TV series and one that redeems the medium from all the crap seen over it.

  3. With regard to LGBT support for Hamas/Palestine, and their seeming ignorance of the actual feeling towards themselves, I think there are two answers. First, some do know it and aren’t concerned because they will never go there, but are trying to push instability in pursuit of the revolution. Second, they may be truly ignorant. For years MSM have ignored Islamic attitudes and actions towards gays, just as they about women. Of course, a lot of MSM seems in favor of the revolution, too, so I doubt we’ll see much change.

    Also, as a side note, it sounds like Hamas is following Goebbels practice of multiplying casualties by ten.

  4. The mention of Botany Pond in the video of red sliders reminded me that we haven’t had an update about the progress in restoring Botany Pond for a long time (unless I somehow missed it). Is it going to be ready for a new generation of ducklings this spring? I hope so!

    1. No, I don’t think so. They are very slow, keep encountering “difficulties,” and probably won’t fill the pond with water until June or July next year. That’s a bit late for a good duckling season, and there won’t be food in the pond for ducks then. We are all disappointed.

  5. If Tlaib doesn’t want to vote for Biden she can vote for trump. With her help (and people like her) he probably will get a second term.

    1. I don’t watch tv news or listen to NPR so I need a pronunciation guide: is it “tuh-lay-ihb” to “tah-leeb” or “tah-layb”? Or something else? Thanks…

  6. It’s amazing that Panama can get all of its citizens in for a colonoscopy on the same day. Are there long lines at the clinics?

    I may have posted this before, but there was a MLB pitcher named Bartolo Colón. We used to make up imaginary headlines using his name, not unlike the puerile use of Uranus. Our favorite fake headline we came up with during the baseball doping scandals was “Steroid Probe Fingers Colon.”

    1. The probers must have had long fingers.
      Nice one. If you posted it before, I didn’t see it. So thanks from this corner of the peanut gallery.

  7. “It amazes me that gay people, transpeople, and nonbinary people celebrate a country where any deviation from the “cis” sexual norms is demonized. ”

    I have been watching this process for some time, and I think it is really revolutionary Marxism in action. You might start out as a feminist or an advocate for gay rights, but the movements themselves have been taken over by reds. Then, the logical goals of the movement you identify with are de-prioritized, and disruption and revolution become the goals.
    From the outside, people marching for positions that directly conflict with their identity seems almost comical. History is full of examples of easily manipulated people who have been convinced to become fervent activists against their own best interests.

    Teachers who insist on providing sexual material to little kids, feminists who defend “diverse” child rapists. Gay people marching to support those who would give them flying lessons. It is not rational behavior, and unlikely to be changed except in the case of a profound personal epiphany. A person is concerned about some injustice, joins a movement with good intentions, and might only come to their senses when they realize that they just spent the day shooting people in the head and pushing them into a mass grave.
    A lot of them never have that epiphany. They convince themselves that they did what was necessary, or that they had no choice. Or they just convince themselves that it never happened.

    My opinions on the broader subject here were shaped when I was a student, and interviewed people who were victims, witnesses, or perpetrators of some of the worst horrors of the 1940s. Their motivations and later reflections on their actions were not the subject of the interviews, but it was an interesting issue to me, even without specific expertise on the subject. The Hamas savages, the Einsatzgruppen in Poland, the Khmer Rouge, all started out as normal people.

  8. I’m not a fan of Ben Shapiro, but the questions from these students were so obtuse that he mopped the floor with them. I would have expected more from students from such a high caliber university, but many of them showed indications of being brainwashed and living in an information echo-chamber with regard to this topic. Some of them were barely able to suppress their obvious hatred of Jews.

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