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November 2, 2023 • 10:30 am

Tom Gross’s newsletter about the war isn’t public, but he sends it to journalists, and I’m allowed to reproduce it here. It has a lot of useful information, so here’s the latest issue (indented). I’ve added the videos instead of the links.

[Notes below by Tom Gross]

Dozens of Jewish children and babies continue to be held hostage by Hamas. Meanwhile, posters and vigils in their support have been defaced in America and elsewhere, and far-left politicians such as AOC are being criticized for refusing to condemn her supporters for defacing pictures of child hostages.

Many say that these so-called “progressives” are bringing shame on America. Dalia Al-Aqidi, an Iraqi-born Sunni Muslim refugee who obtained asylum in the United States, is currently running in the Republican Party primary election, hoping to clinch that party’s nomination to challenge “progressive” Congresswoman Ilhan Omar for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District seat.

Dalia Al-Aqidi is currently in Israel on a solidarity visit. In remarks reported in the Jerusalem Post, she said that her opponent’s approach is causing “irreparable harm” to both the United States and Minnesota.

“I fled the brutality of Saddam Hussein. I know what dictators can do, and I understand what terrorists like Isis and Hamas. I didn’t move to the US so someone else [like Omar] would want to import that [hateful] culture into it. I decided to come here to Israel to show solidarity and to tell the Jewish people that you’re not alone. This is not your fight by yourself [against Islamic terrorism].”

Earlier this week, Hamas released a hostage video, showing the Israeli mother pictured above. The picture on the right is a still image from the Hamas video. I’ve chosen not to show the video since it is a Hamas propaganda and the words delivered by the hostages in it are clearly scripted by Hamas and read out to the camera by hostages under extreme duress.

Worldwide antisemitism is being inflamed not just by highly inaccurate and inflammatory media coverage in publications such as the New York Times, but by some Ivy League professors and students.

For example, Columbia University law professor Katherine Franke initiated a letter signed by 130 other faculty members, which described the burning and beheading of Jewish babies and the mass rape of Israeli women, girls and children by Hamas on October 7 as a “military action” and a legitimate form of “resistance to settler colonialism”.

The image above is one of the antisemitic threats made against Jewish students at elite American universities in recent days.

Jews and organizations which care for Jews, including the Polish-run museum at the Auschwitz death camp in southern Poland, are under sustained attack online.

Ahed Tamimi is one of several Palestinian antisemites and terror supporters who have been lionized in recent years by the New York Times, BBC and other media. In an online post yesterday (text above), she once again showed her true colors.

The documentary film about her, titled “Radiance of Resistance,” was screened worldwide at a number of festivals, including the Respect Human Rights Film Festival in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where it won Best Documentary. Singapore is among only a handful of countries to have banned public screenings of Radiance of Resistance for its promotion of terrorism and the murder of Jews.


Almost four weeks on, where does the Israel-Hamas conflict stand? What will happen?

I attach a new interview with me from Turkish TV in which I discuss the conflict to date and where it is heading.

I am told I am just about the last person who is still being allowed to provide a different perspective on Turkish state-controlled, pro-Hamas TV.

Unlike Facebook and YouTube, both of whom are now censoring my posts and videos or “shadow banning” them in other instances, the Turks have not edited or censored my remarks. Turkey is one of the most powerful countries in NATO, led by the anti-Israel President Erdogan.

An interview with Gross:


Please do share these video links with your friends.


[These are also brief takes by Gross]:

No Arab government except perhaps Qatar wants Hamas to win against Israel

No country on earth can live with the constant rocket attacks Israel endures

Protest marchers in US and Europe should understand Hamas are the obstacle to peace

Inflammatory and inaccurate Gaza coverage by media leading to antisemitic attacks worldwide

What do people understand what they really mean when they call for a ceasefire with Hamas?

Saudi Arabia and other Arab states will draw closer to Israel after the Hamas conflict, not further apart

3 thoughts on “Tom Gross’s newsletter

  1. Today Robert Habeck, Vice Chancellor of Germany & Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, gave a very important speech regarding anti-Semitism & anti-Israelism in Germany. An English translation is available here (Manuskript englisch):

    Habeck is a member of the highly “wokified” Green Party, so the following statement directed at the Woke Left is especially remarkable:

    “But I am also concerned about the anti-Semitism in parts of the political left, and sadly among young activists as well. Anti-colonialism must not lead to anti-Semitism. In this respect, this part of the political left should review its arguments and distrust the big resistance narrative. The “both sides” argument is misleading here. Hamas is a murderous terrorist group fighting for the annihilation of the state of Israel and the death of all Jews.”

  2. Good news:
    “Germany bans Hamas-linked groups: Samidoun and other charities supporting the Palestinian militant group to be dissolved immediately

    Germany has hardened its ban on Hamas and ordered the dissolution of pro-Palestinian organisations linked to the militant group amid a surge in antisemitic hate crimes in the country.

    Berlin had already designated Hamas as a terrorist organisation, but a significant network of sympathetic charities, including Samidoun, which claims to campaign for the release of Palestinian political prisoners, was still allowed to function in the country.

    “I have today completely banned the activities of a terrorist organisation that aims to destroy the state of Israel,” said interior minister Nancy Faeser. “Antisemitism has no place in Germany — no matter who it comes from. We will continue to fight it in all its forms with the full rigour of the rule of law.”

    Samidoun and an associated organisation known as Hirak will be immediately dissolved, said Faeser. Support for them will now be a criminal offence.”


  3. I’ve just seen the item above about the Auschwitz memorial and I’m lost for words. I don’t want to come over all dramatic, but I’ve been sitting here staring into space for fifteen minutes

    The horrors inflicted on European Jews eighty years ago were beyond imagining. Anyone who has read the history of the holocaust or visited Auschwitz is all too aware of the mechanised, industrial-scale slaughter. There is nothing in history that better demonstrates how much cruelty and inhumanity can arise from ethnic hatred. Yet the memorial is losing followers and being attacked. How on earth is its cause suddenly less worthy, or its message less relevant?

    We’ve lasted seventy-eight years following the most bestial event in human history and people are already forgetting. Already, they are regarding Jews as less than human and the worst bit is that they feel justified and validated in doing so. I don’t have anything good to say about this, I’m just appalled and sickened. What the hell is wrong with people?

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