How Palestinian kids are taught to hate Jews

October 27, 2023 • 10:45 am

It doesn’t take much studying or Googling to learn that Palestinian kids, like many kids throughout the Middle East, are taught from a young age to hate Jews, to embrace the goal of killing them, to be joyful when Jews are killed, to celebrate the “martyrs” who die while killing Jews, and sometimes to aspire to martyrdom.  Their textbooks and teachers encourage that, as does the state-run media and the schools run by the UN organization UNRWA (see below). It’s simply the way that society runs.

Now that’s not the way Israel conducts its schooling. Yes, you may be able to find one or two textbooks that criticize Palestine, but you simply don’t find the overweening hatred and joy at killing the Others that you see in Palestinian education. This is an important difference between Israel and the true apartheid states.

You can see the glorification of jihad and murder in the video and two articles below. The first is a short piece from Palestinian Media Watch that includes the video.

Click the screenshot to read:


The text:

Four young Palestinian girls, approximately 4 to 6 years old, carry a younger girl around in an infant seat.

It could be a normal children’s game. Only the infant seat represents a stretcher and the baby is the “dead Martyr.”

The children are playing “the Martyr game.”

During the game, the girls giggle and praise the “Martyr” child because: “The Martyr is the beloved of Allah.”

This game, and the girls’ joy is the terrifying result of decades of PA education of Palestinian children to see death for Allah and “Palestine” as an ideal and a goal. Palestinian Media Watch has documented hundreds of statements elevating death as a Martyr to a supreme and praiseworthy goal, even for children.

In Fatah’s Waed magazine for 6-15-year-olds Palestinian children are taught:

“We will die, and Palestine will live.”  [This link goes to Fatah’s magazine for kids]

In 2002, at the height of the PA’s 5-year terror war against Israel (the second Intifada), PMW likewise exposed a video of young Palestinian boys playing “the Martyr game.” For over two decades nothing has changed.

I’ve posted similar videos before showing Palestinian kids (not even teenagers) putting on school plays in which they pretend to kill Jews, but this one is especially depressing as it involves a child playing a “martyr”. The video speaks for itself, though the YouTube caption is this:

Four young girls, approximately 4 to 6 years old, are seen carrying a younger girl in an infant seat that is supposed to resemble a stretcher. The baby in the seat is the dead “Martyr.”

Oh, and the text is also given in the article and the YouTube notes.

Reader Norman sent me the following article (click to read; it’s from the Jewish magazine Forward) with this comment:

You’ve mentioned education in Gaza a few times, but here is an essay calling out how Palestinian children are being indoctrinated into Jewish and Israeli hate. Every time I read that 50% of people in Gaza are children [JAC: that’s close; I think that 47% are under 18], I am reminded of how they are educated. They are poisoned, probably for life. Even if a serious and sustained peace process were to begin today, it would take generations to achieve peace.

You can also click the screenshot below to read it. Do so; it’s short.

The author was a member of the Democratic Party, and also a commentator for CNN.

An excerpt:

While serving in Congress between 2001 and 2017, I studied what goes on in Palestinian schools. I reviewed their textbooks, met with educators and diplomats, and introduced legislation and amendments compelling the Department of State to monitor antisemitism in foreign classrooms. I saw firsthand that a generation of Palestinian children were being taught at an early age to reject living peacefully with Israel. They read about it in their schoolbooks and heard about it from their teachers. They were raised on a steady curriculum of violent rejectionism. My colleagues and I in Congress were unable to change that reality.

Now, as the world reels from the devastation of Hamas’ terrorism, understanding how Palestinian children are taught is essential to any discussion of the future in the region.

. . . The children of Gaza have three education options: Those classified as refugees attend schools run by the United Nations Reliefs and Works Agency. Most others attend schools run by Hamas, the de-facto governors of Gaza. And there are a handful of private schools.

A 2013 New York Times article said that Gaza schools run by Hamas and the U.N. both use the Palestinian Authority curriculum that is also taught throughout the West Bank, but that “Hamas has added programs, like a military training elective” and other teachings to “infuse the next generation with its militant ideology.”

This curriculum “includes references to the Jewish Torah and Talmud as ‘fabricated,’” the Times reported, and a description of Zionism as a racist movement whose goals include driving Arabs out of the entire area between the Nile in Africa and the Euphrates in Iraq, Syria and Turkey.”

This is a curriculum designed to indoctrinate and radicalize its students in support of Hamas’ terrorist aims.

Even the comparatively moderate Palestinian Authority textbooks are problematic. In 2020, the European Union’s Parliament adopted three resolutions condemning the authority “for continuing to teach hate and violence in its school textbooks,” following a study confirming incitement in the curriculum. To teach physics, a textbook showed students “a picture of Palestinians hitting Israeli soldiers with slingshots,” the study found, while another “promotes a conspiracy theory that Israel removed the original stones of ancient sites in Jerusalem and replaced them with ones bearing Zionist drawings and shapes.”

UNRWA schools in Gaza, too, are replete with antisemitism. A 2018 article in The Times of Israel cited examples including the lionization of Dalal al-Mughrabi, who led a 1978 attack on a bus in Tel Aviv that killed more than 30  people, as a “heroine and martyr of Palestine,” and the description of the victims of an attack in Psagot, a settlement in the occupied West Bank, as “a barbecue party.”

When I hear Israeli survivors of the massacre describe the sheer hate and absence of humanity in the eyes of their attackers, I’m unsurprised. Those eyes were forced open to a false, hate-filled view of Jews for years.

I could show you more videos or textbook excerpts (but check this link given above), but you can find them yourself if you’re interested.

Is it any wonder that the Hamas butchers showed no hesitation, and certainly no contrition? They were brainwashed.

h/t: Malgorzata, Norman

15 thoughts on “How Palestinian kids are taught to hate Jews

  1. From Steve Israel.
    “Even the comparatively moderate Palestinian Authority textbooks are problematic. In 2020, the European Union’s Parliament adopted three resolutions condemning the authority “for continuing to teach hate and violence in its school textbooks,” following a study confirming incitement in the curriculum. “
    “The EU and its member states are the largest sponsors of the Palestinian Authority (PA): the administration of the Palestinian territories. Between 2007 and 2018, EU countries spent more than 2 billion dollars on the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian institution building.”
    Oct 18, 2023

    EU announces €296 million of support to the Palestinian people
    02.02.2023 Ramallah Press and information team – Office of the European Union Representative (West Bank and Gaza Strip, UNRWA)

    The EU still refers to “the occupied state of Palestine”.

    BRUSSELS — The EU has put funding for the Palestinian Authority on hold following this weekend’s terror attack by Hamas in Israel. October 9 2023.

    Who is also brainwashed?

    1. As a result of unwise immigration policy and national security failures, the EU currently has tens of millions of immigrant pro-Palestinian voters (plus an unknown number of indigenous Jew-haters).

      1. Agreed, a very unwise and unsustainable immigration policy. Douglas Murrays book the “Strange Death of Europe makes the point well”.
        For sympathy toward Palestine in the EU the following is in my opinion significant.
        The number of Muslims in European countries is estimated at 44 million, or 5% of the total population and Islam is the fastest growing religion.

  2. I have recently re-watched the ‘political thriller’ drama series on Netflix – ‘Fauda’.
    Although it’s an Israeli production with inevitable ‘bias’, it’s amazingly ‘balanced’ in depicting the sheer brutality from both sides. The necessary(?) violence by the IDF and the ideological hatred driven violence of Hamas.
    Watching this 4 Season drama series, done in almost a ‘Cinéma vérité’ style, gives a very accurate depiction, I think, of what’s at stake for the Israelis and also more than a hint that there appears little hope for an optimistic end to this seemingly eternal struggle, any time soon.
    Essential viewing in my opinion.

    1. I’ve watched the entire series twice, and I really love that show. Further, I was also told by someone who worked for the IDF, Mossad, and advised the Israeli government on terrorism, that it’s pretty accurate.

      I wish there would be another season, but it doesn’t looks like it.

      I recommend the series very highly!

      1. I read it was renewed for a fifth season but may not come out until 2026 at the earliest. You may have to watch the fourth season one more time just before the release.

  3. Another aspect of Palestinian education, regularly reported by MEMRI, is the frequent
    presence of educational maps which eliminate Israel entirely, replacing it with “Palestine”.
    This makes explicit that the supposed acceptance of the “two-state solution” by the PA establishment—supposedly what distinguishes it from Hamas— was fake. Given that fakery, the celebrated “Oslo peace process” has evidently been a masquerade all along.

  4. I recall reading many years ago, as a young teen, about Palestinians rejecting peace. Instead they were going to violently resist, have many children, and teach those children to hate. The idea that they would reward the families of “martyrs” was mind-boggling to my midwestern sensibilities. I could not imagine how a culture of death was going to work for them.

    Before October 7 I had thought all this was common knowledge.

  5. Totally horrible to teach children such hatred. The “progressives” who condone this, or turn a blind eye to it, and yet consider so many lesser things to be “triggering” and “harmful”, have lost their minds.

  6. …and then there’s Palestinian children’s TV. F you haven’t seen any, Yourube it and then despair.

    Sadly I really don’t think this can end any time soon when each new generation is indoctrinated to become jihadists in school and on TV – not to mention in the mosques, and where each attempt by Israel at establishing a 2-state solution is rejected. It’s genuinely heartbreaking, but I see no way out. Maybe in 100 years…

  7. So, to choke off terrorist future warriors, reduce the number of current Palestinian children by denying them water, electricity, transportation, medical care and shelter. Warsaw ghetto in reverse.
    But, no confusion here, Hamas is a terrorist organization that Israel has a right to suppress by forceful means. Anti-Jewish displays need also to be condemned. However, there seems to be a strong bias in this segment and the one below regarding hidden fuel depots.

    1. Israel supplied only 10% of Gaza’s drinking water. They have two desalinization plants. Gaza also has its own electrical power generation. It runs on fossil fuels. Hence the issue of storage tanks. This is not like the Warsaw ghetto.

      That Israel and Egypt restrict their respective borders to Gaza is due to the behavior of Gazans and nobody else. When Israel simply gave Gaza to the Palestinians, there was no marine blockade against weapons, no security fence. Those became necessary and wholly legal, btw, only in response to Gazan terrorism.

      1. Then why are there no lights on in Gaza tonight? Hospital closing. Death toll climbing. Netanyahu has apparently declared total war which doesn’t seem to produce a solution. See “USA v. Iraq”.

        1. Why didn’t Obama attack Assad in Syria after the horrible things Assad did? Partly because of “USA v. Iraq”, nobody wanted to get stuck in a stupid war again. And two thirds of those fighting Assad we’re Islamic extremists. There was the possibility of a bloodbath if the extremists won. The Arab Spring seemed like a good thing until the religious fanatics took it over for their own ends.
          Contrast this with the fight to defend Ukraine, where ethnicity and religion are not factors. They are trying to make a democratic country, to change the culture of corruption. They are fighting against Putin. Hamas is basically fighting for the ayatollah.

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