Readers’ wildlife photos

October 26, 2023 • 8:15 am

Send in your photos! Please. I guess I’ll have to beg again, and next comes the guilt trip. . . .

In honor of Halloween, which is around the corner, reader Steve Pollard has some new “wildlife” photos—if you count scarecrows as wildlife. I did last year, so here’s this year’s crop. Steve’s narration is indented, and click on the photos to enlarge them:

About a year ago, I submitted some photos of scarecrows near where I live in SE England. We agreed that their relevance to wildlife was effectively zero, but given the temporary dearth of real wildlife photos, you eventually posted them to fill the void.

Motts Mill is a tiny hamlet of about a dozen houses hidden in a secluded valley near Groombridge in NE Sussex. Every Autumn there is a display of scarecrows, all made by a local genius, throughout the village and surrounding countryside. Here are some of this year’s crop.

I like the one of the cop with a speed gun; the figure on the right may look familiar. I also like the image of our new Gracious King.

7 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife photos

  1. Great stuff! I am now reading about the various differences in the holiday between the U.S. and England. Carving turnips?? But anyway, love the scarecrows, especially the two scary clowns — one of which is in jail.

    1. The house names give an idea of what it once was: The Old Mill House; The Old Bakehouse; The Old Laundry. These days it is a tranquil, close-knit little residential community. There is no pub, shop, or even (I think: I must check) streetlights.

      One of the things that the UK still does quite well is maintain a nationwide network of footpaths and bridleways. Motts Mill is surrounded by such a network. It is one of the localities that I return to time after time, especially if I am stressed or worried about something. It never fails me.

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