Eating with a conveyer belt

October 15, 2023 • 1:15 pm

Let’s end another grim day with some humor: a machine that makes it dead easy to eat. Joseph has clearly had more practice than the other folks!

The notes:

This conveyor belt makes it super easy to eat a delicious meal without using hands. It feeds me soup, salad, corn, sausage and a delicious eclair!

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7 thoughts on “Eating with a conveyer belt

  1. Ha, ha, very inventive! And the guinea pigs were so brave. On YouTube you can find Charlie Chaplin in ‘Modern Times’ undergoing the same with predictable and hilarious results.

  2. spelling: conveyor; … grande bouffe for the barely awake…..finally a good use for robots. Rube Goldberg’s deli….taking food delivery to its ultimate state…..cleaner than Door Dash and no tipping.

  3. Take a look at his website. I cracked up over the Wake up and Shower machine. He found an new use for revolving Christmas trees! I do love physical humor.

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