10 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ decolonization

  1. “we” and the Iron Law of Woke Projection

    It’s funny but it’s not

    J n’ M better get in on some stakeholder capitalism before it’s too late… although, who knows – that might work out better for them. I mean we. I mean they.

  2. The question will be if the ‘whole world’ is decolonised what will the next target be? The Social Justice Monster needs to be constantly fed.

    1. Someone will start on the process of “de-dextralising” the world – removing the pernicious effects of the dextralist majority’s suppression of the sinistral minority.
      When that problem has been solved, there are all those blondies suppressing the brunettes to take on.

      1. +1

        But don’t forget the degrowth. That’ll take out a whole lot right away.

        Only thing I don’t know is, when degrowth is over, … where does it go from there?

  3. Well, except for places like British Columbia, that have brought UNDRIP into legislation, and for which “decolonization” is an undefined but absolute thing that the government intends to accomplish, taxpayers aside. No one knows what it is or what it will mean to a “colonized” place, but for sure it means most BC residents being referred to as “settlers,” which ain’t a compliment.

  4. Oh, no! Moses has gone woke!
    But seriously, I can’t stand the whole “decolonization” thing. It’s a trojan horse to attack Western culture in general and science in particular. How this accomplishes moral aims is beyond me.

    1. Not so sure it’s just cultural or moral posturing, rather about power and money. In Canada, as Alison alludes to UNDRIP which has also been “enshrined” (meaning what?) in Canada federally, the decolonization movement seeks the physical removal of the colonizing King’s symbolic authority, which is vested in real life in the Canadian state: laws, soldiers, cops, courts, elections, taxation, schools & universities, Old Age Security cheques, air-traffic control, hospitals, snowplowing, the woiks.

      The decolonizers hate them all. So the colonizer will be made to cede sovereignty (the levers of power and wealth) to whomever claims it in the vacuum left behind when the colonizer hauls down his flag and sails back to where he came from. Those settlers who elect to stay (or who have nowhere else they can go, only a few of us being also foreign citizens with a right to return to the Mother Country we fled from), must wait to see how the new sovereigns decide to treat them. They can do pretty much anything they want, apartheid if it suits them. It’s not as if decolonization has no track record to guide predictions.

      Decolonization is a very big deal in any place where it has more than a snowball’s chance in Hell of actually happening. There is a momentum to these things and violence lurks ever in the shadows. We spend directly $60 billion a year on 1 million people with lots of time on their hands to keep them pacified and preoccupied with scavenger hunts digging up old graveyards. I’d like to laugh at Moses’s grandiosity but I can’t. If only it was just effete academics and students.

  5. Does making Moses out to be such a dick count as anti-semitism? On second thoughts everyone in that car is a dick so it’s only fair!

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