12 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ shame

  1. Another great one.
    I just noticed that in the last panel Mo blinks. I don’t recall ever seeing any animation in previous strips.

    1. Good. It’s not just my eyes going funny.
      Look at the link/ image name : it’s a GIF, not The Author’s normal PNG. Both are good for line-art – indeed designed for the style. But GIF was designed with the capability of animation in it too. Which is why the “meme culture” thing often talks about including a GIF in your devastating bit of meme sharing. [eye-roll.GIF , hair-tearing-out-frog.GIF].
      I’d have to get a book back from a now-dead person to refresh my memory, but the animation capabilities of GIFs can be quite sophisticated. You know Randall Monroe – the XKCD writer? He’s done some seriously sophisticated GIF-art, so I suspect he’s RTFM quite attentively.
      Given that The Author knows he’s a terrible artist, I’m not surprised to see he’s trying to learn GIF-animating. It suits his style. (Ditto Randall and his stick-men.)

  2. I am not sure I ever thought of that before….

    Ban this comic!

    ^^^I kid I kid! Just illustrating the “ban” reflex. Ban Culture, perhaps.

  3. From the Author :

    I haven’t seen Monroe’s GIF animations, and I don’t plan on going much further with my own. I just throw in a blink every now and then to keep readers on their toes, or if I think the punchline is a bit weak. I first did it in 2006, then twice again in 2008, once in 2011, and most recently before today in 2015. They’re just blinks.

    There’s a famous (well, popular) GIF of some famous actor blinking rapidly. Unfortunately, I can’t remember they guys name, so you’ll just have to use your imaginations : [blinking-actor.GIF]

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