11 thoughts on “Spot the giant tortoise!

  1. Oh, that big rock-looking thing? (wanders by…) Cool & thanks for sharing the wildlife & landscape photos

    1. [Muttley-voice] “Gnashin’ thrashin’ basin’ crashin’ evolution!”

      Why haven’t I seen that cartoon for ages? Probably some cultural insensitivity somewhere.
      [Wiley.E.Coyote plummets from clifftop, small dust cloud on impact.GIF CENSORED by the Coyote Defamation Prevention division of ACME Corp.]
      (From the Wiki link : “The English adult comic Viz had a one-off parody strip called “Wacky Racists” with David Irving as Dick Dastardly, Unity Mitford as Penelope Pitstop, Eugène Terre’Blanche as Lazy Luke, Oswald Mosley as Muttley, and comedian Bernard Manning in the “Fat[…]mobile.” Trust Viz to strike to the heart of the matter. I can just envisage Irving slobbering up to Mosley and Mitford.)

  2. Top right, neck stretching up for leaves to eat. Neck looks like small tree trunk.
    Alan Alda did an educational video on Galapagos; very funny and informative.

  3. I’m used to not seeing most of the “spot the” entries, but to be baffled by an “easy peazy” one is discouraging.

  4. I like the easy ones…though I would like to see a tortoise without obstruction. I know you can’t do anything about a tortoise sitting in the underbrush, so for now, at least I’ve seen a tortoise shell!

  5. Assuming the tortoise is the big lump at lower left, there is a big difference between spotting a tortoise known to be in picture and identifying a lump in the wild as a tortoise.

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