Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Revelation

July 19, 2023 • 9:00 am

Today’s Jesus and Mo strip, called “telling”, features two revelations about gender as well as a caption: “So why is she telling them now? Because she wanted to see the look on Moses’ face.” But why is Moses flustered. Did he want to be unique in this group, or couldn’t he conceive of the barmaid being non-binary?

9 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Revelation

  1. Moses is flustered because the barmaid’s note that she has never wanted to make a big deal of it can seem to shame his prior eagerness to talk about it all the time.

  2. Being “non-binary” is uninteresting if all it means is “I don’t neatly fit into the stereotypes of either sex — I’m just ‘me.’” It’s uninteresting because that pretty much applies to everyone. A modern society doesn’t need an overhaul to fit you in.

    Being “non-binary” is interesting if it means “I’m neither man nor woman — I don’t have a congenital disorder, it’s because I mentally don’t fit into either.” It’s interesting because we don’t know what it means to mentally fit into being a man or woman if we’re not going to use those stereotypes. And society would need an overhaul to fit you in.

    Being able to explain what the second one means is therefore relevant — but the non-binary don’t seem to find it interesting.

    1. Being neither fish nor fowl has never struck me as being interesting, but I guess it’s now a fashion.

  3. Non-binary is a nonsensical made up thing that people use to signal how special they are – the barmaid in effect calls Moses out on this. She (they?!) seems to be far too sensible to be caught up in the non-binary BS, but perhaps I’m mistaken.

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