Reminders for new and old readers

February 17, 2023 • 7:55 am

Once again I tender two reminders for readers new and old.

First, if you haven’t read the commenting rules, affectionately called “Da Roolz”, please do so before you begin commenting at this site.  You can find “Da Roolz” here or on the left sidebar of the site. Please pay attention to the length limits I ask for comments, as well as my request that you don’t dominate a comment thread.

Second, I am inundated with many emails—several hundred per day—and am finding it hard to keep up. Please try to contact me at most once per day unless you want to point out any errors I’ve made in the posts. If you have news or tweets to send, and I welcome these, please collect them in a single email.

Thanks! I am Professor Ceiling Cat (Emeritus) and . . .

2 thoughts on “Reminders for new and old readers

  1. For the purpose of calling your attention to a typo or wrong-name type of error, would you prefer we send email or post a comment?

    I’ve seen you reply-comment with a thanks and “Corrected now” so I figure that path is okay with you ; but it might still be that you would prefer private email. At another blog website I often read, I posted a correction comment, and got an email from the host in a friendly-but-actually-angry mode saying that was rude of me and cost him extra work and that I ought to know the proper thing to do was always just to email!

    1. Email, as sometimes I don’t get to the comments until after a while. I welcome corrections, and I don’t think you’ll find ANY reader who will say that I responded to them with anger.


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