“Can’t find my way home”

February 17, 2023 • 1:30 pm

To finish up the work week, here’s a lovely song with some great musicians whose playing blends together like honey for the ears. We have Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton (who had played together in two groups) on guitar and vocals, Derek Trucks on guitar, and I don’t know the bassist.  This song, “Can’t find my way home” was first performed by the group Blind Faith (original here), which included Clapton and Winwood—along with the great (and irascible) drummer Ginger Baker.

The song was written by Winwood.


15 thoughts on ““Can’t find my way home”

  1. Thanks Jerry – great song! I hope your readers will click on the link to the original, which features some terrific work on the organ by Winwood and some fine licks by drummer Ginger Baker.

  2. A fav of mine. I think Rick grech sp? Played bass. Winwood had a contest to see who could cover it well, a few years back.

    1. Gretch played bass on the original Blind Faith album. This version is from the 2007 Crossroads Festival DVD. No idea who the bassist is, though.

    1. He does, although I think of him primarily as a keyboardist — and have since he made his debut as a teenager with The Spencer Davis Group, on their blue-eyed soul hit “Gimme Some Lovin’.”

      As a 13 year old I won a bet against an older guy who swore that the cats playing that tune on my 45 couldn’t possibly be white.

  3. Blind Faith! We know what THAT means… that was a nice rendition. I dont want to link this as I don’t want trouble “at mill” with the roolz. But if you’re interested, I remember when this concert was scheduled in my youth (1969) but I live on the other side of the world and it was free. Big bummer. Google BF concert Hyde Park
    26′ 12″ is a live version. It’s a bit raw but it was 69.

  4. Looks like this was the band personnel:
    Set 13: Eric Clapton with Robbie Robertson and Steve Winwood (15 songs)
    Band Lineup: Eric Clapton (guitar / vocals), Doyle Bramhall II (guitar / backing vocals), Derek Trucks (guitar), Chris Stainton (keyboards), Tim Carmon (keyboards), Willie Weeks (bass), Ian Thomas (drums), Steve Jordan (drums), Sharon White (backing vocals), Michelle John (backing vocals) and special guests Robbie Robertson (guitar / vocals) and Steve Winwood (Hammond organ / guitar / vocals)

    Set List: Tell The Truth / Key To The Highway / Got To Get Better In A Little While / Isn’t It A Pity / Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad / Little Queen Of Spades / Who Do You Love (with Robbie Robertson) / Further On Up The Road (with Robbie Robertson) / Pearly Queen (with Steve Winwood) / Presence Of The Lord (with Steve Winwood) / Can’t Find My Way Home (with Steve Winwood) / Had To Cry Today (with Steve Winwood) / Dear Mr. Fantasy (Steve Winwood solo, Eric left the stage for this song) / Cocaine / Crossroads

  5. This is one of my all-time favorite songs. I hadn’t heard this version before; just the one on the Blind Faith album with the questionable cover art.

  6. That’s my song! My husband and I met in our 40s, and the key phrase for us was “You are the reason I’ve been waiting all these years.” Our story is the opposite of the one being told because we waited all those years to find each other and find our way home, but I still love the song and stubbornly persist in my initial misinterpretation.

  7. My husband just pointed out that this song likely has a religious meaning and is not about a love story. No matter.

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