Note: premature posting and link to final post

January 5, 2023 • 12:59 pm

I accidentally goofed up this morning and published “Once again America is touted as a Christian nation” before I’d written the post. (I had only the title and pressed “publish” instead of “save”.) I’ve since realized that many people got the email when the post with only the title was out, and didn’t get an email with the final post. (I got emails. .  .)

So I’m putting up this post with the link so you can read the final version. The link is in the first line above, and if you’re one of those who miscreants who reads posts on your phone, click on that link to read this one.

Sorry; nobody’s perfect!

2 thoughts on “Note: premature posting and link to final post

  1. When I read the phrase “final post,” I had a jolt of panic, because I thought for a moment that you were shutting down your blog. I’m very glad that’s not the case. Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your labors in putting out such a fascinating, provocative, many-sided blog. Even when some of the subject matter is difficult, your thoughtfulness and humor make it a daily joy.

    1. Agreed. Since I discovered the book and these pages years ago I have started each day with a hot beverage and my iPad open to WEIT!

      daily reader, non-commenter

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