Searches that lead to this website

October 20, 2022 • 10:15 am

You’ll get no braining out of me today, as my neurons are clogged. As always, I do my best.

Every day, my website dashboard tells me what searches on the Internet have led people to this site. They’ve been pretty constant for a while, and here’s today’s:

I have no idea where the Arab thieves and police officer stuff comes from, and someone can’t spell “gobbledygook”.

9 thoughts on “Searches that lead to this website

  1. BTW I saw that Peter Boghossian yesterday re-tweeted a Dawkin’s tweet of your piece “An ideology-infused paper on how to teach college biology”.

    1. Goodness knows! Maybe one of the words in the search string matches one of the key words in Jerry’s posts, and some mindless algorithm crushes them together.

  2. In case you’re interested, the search that led me to this website was “near death experience”. I was having an argument with my brother about how the “I went to heaven” stuff was bogus. That was many years ago. I read everyday now. Thank-you.

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