Philomena: Part III of her new series

October 11, 2022 • 1:30 pm

Here’s part 3 of Philomena’s “Cunk on Earth” series, this one called “The Renaissance will not be televised.”

Here we see La Cunk encounter the printing press, Renaissance painting, sculpture (“look at his ass”, she says, referring to Michelangelo’s David), and drawing (she’s obsessed with the “bits” of Leonardo’s drawings). She also takes up exploration (“Christopher Columbo”), science, impugning Galileo for his “useless” telescope and for having two nearly-identical names, and philosophy (her take on “I think, therefore I am” is quite good).  She winds up with her take on the American and French revolution, with some lagniappe involving Beethoven (Philomena asks a music expert, “Is it true that in the later part of his life, Beethoven was profoundly dead?”).

Once again techno-pop makes its appearance in a music video of “Pump up the jam,” which doesn’t seem to be an ad, but a bizarre intrusion into the mockumentary.

The fourth and penultimate segment will be on the Industrial Revolution.

12 thoughts on “Philomena: Part III of her new series

    1. (Spoiler) Philomena makes reference to it in her bit about The Renaissance and the Enlightenment’s great thinkers: their works “expanded humankind’s horizons in a manner that would go unmatched until the 1989 release of Belgian techno-anthem ‘Pump Up the Jam”’. Hilariously absurd.

    1. In this series, nothing could be more appropriate than sudden Techno intrusions, complete with hilarious captions.

  1. A painting of the Last Supper so realistic “You almost feel like you could crawl inside it and betray Jesus yourself.”

  2. “Look at his ass”? No, I heard “Look at his abs”. Not that it matters. The whole thing is extremely funny. And I’m starting to believe, which I didn’t in the first episode, that the expert interviewees were not in on the joke.

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