Philomena is back in her own BBC series, “Cunk on Earth”

October 9, 2022 • 1:00 pm

My beloved Philomena has returned to television. Apparently there’s a series of five episodes of “Cunk on Earth”, all of which are online. According to the BBC, this is what the “mockumentary” is about:

In this deeply profound and important mockumentary series from Charlie Brooker, Philomena Cunk (Diane Morgan) tells the entire story of Human Civilisation from prehistoric times to the present day, covering all the main bits of History, Science, Culture and Religion.

So this really is the last documentary you ever need to watch.

Along the way, Philomena asks experts hard-hitting questions about humanity’s progress, and stands on or near impressive old ruins and inside museums, before the shot cuts away to some archive of the bits that don’t exist anymore or were too expensive to film at.

In this opening episode Cunk travels the world, heading down caves and up mountains in her search for Mankind’s first moments, and with the help of a variety of experts she explains how the earliest societies were formed: from the easier ones to spell like Rome and Greece, to the ones that are harder to spell, like Egypt and Mesopotamia.

All the videos are a bit shy of half an hour. The one on religion is next, and it’s a hoot. I’ll post one per day. But you have to watch them all!

Here’s Episode 1: “In the Beginnings”. Like the other episodes, it features Philomena interviewing academics and experts, and surely most of them must know that this is a spoof!

11 thoughts on “Philomena is back in her own BBC series, “Cunk on Earth”

  1. “Early men domesticated dogs for companionship, and cats for…whatever we have cats for” Really!

  2. Watched the ‘faith’ one yesterday; it’s indeed a hoot.

    After several Diane Morgan series, not all of them as Cunk (I think), academics are beginning to get the hang of her; but some of them still seem to be under the impression that the programme is going to be another serious TV documentary. Hilarious!

  3. Watched the video and like all the others starring the …skilled interviewer and intelligent journalist Ms Philomena Punk… I was grinning. What a fun actress Diane Morgan is! I will be telling everyone I know to look in on the “Cunk on Earth” series.

  4. She cracks me up. I love her explanation of how turning a wheel presses pushes the planet to create the impression of us moving forward. She sure has cunkered her numbers too…. all 700 of them on a Bacus.

  5. Sport- theatre for stupid people. That has to be my favourite definition. But then, as the kid who always got picked last for team games, I’m probably a bit biased.

  6. Her finale referencing “bleach” is one of the most risible ever – Thanks, DrC, can’t wait for Religion – (why this window for comment is cut off,,( no idea)

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