Morning music quiz

September 16, 2022 • 8:30 am

We’ll see who can answer this, and you have to get both parts. Put your answers in the comments, but DO NOT LOOK THERE before you answer.

Name two rock songs, released less than four years apart, that have the phrase “goin’ to Carolina” in them.

There are no prizes, but if you get both then you not only know your rock, but also have good taste in rock.

14 thoughts on “Morning music quiz

  1. Great question – my flailing guess :

    Something by The Eagles (I know they say “Winslow, Arizona”)
    Something by James Taylor

    … and NOT that Neil Diamond tune.

    Oooo hooray, the Edit button is back! I needed that on the other music post.

  2. Nope. I got the obvious one.
    I am disappointed in myself. Both songs are on my permanent shop playlist. I am positive “Blue Sky” played yesterday, and I know the lyrics.
    But when I read the post, I stopped, and really concentrated, yet failed.

  3. Can’t believe nobody else has brought up the latter song, but I’m going with Blue Sky and…Led Zeppelin’s Going to California, release just over one year apart.

    1. Damn it. I mixed up Carolina and California in my head. Don’t know how I did that, especially as one song has the former and the other the latter. I’m stoopid.

  4. The grad student was going to (North) Carolina who (with Forest Service) whacked down Prometheus, subsequently determined to have been the oldest living bristlecone. [Since supplanted in 2013.]

  5. The obvious first choice is James Taylor’s “going to Carolina in my mind,” though that’s technically not a rock song IMO. I thought of the Allman Bros “Rambling Man” or “Blue Sky” as well but am not sure. Yes, it’s “Blue Sky”! “Goin’ to Carolina, walk along and I’ll be there…”

    How about this challenge: which two rock songs reference “pork and beans”? At least two, probably…

    OK, now to look at the right answers…

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