A mallard chinwag

August 22, 2022 • 12:45 pm

While we have an occasion quack or squawk when the ducks are worked up at feeding time, a spontaneous “quackfest” like this one, which happened yesterday morning, is of unknown significance.

What are they saying to each other.  “I’m alive”? Or something more complex.  We don’t know and never will.  But turn the sound up to hear the multiple quacks and grunts.

Notice, too, that Frisky takes part in the activities, though we’ve never heard him utter a sound.

More chinwag.

2 thoughts on “A mallard chinwag

  1. When we first lived on the boat, we were docked at a marina in brackish water. There were a lot of ducks, who would sort of gnaw at the waterline to get the algae or critters living in the algae.
    But it was a while before we figured out what was making that very weird and alarming noise.

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