Bill Maher’s “Real Time”

August 7, 2022 • 6:14 pm

Watch this quickly before it’s removed. It’s the entire content of this week’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” show, featuring David Duchovny, Democratic political advisor Lis Smith, and Matt Taibbi, someone many of us read but few have seen.

The opening monologue is about “fat acceptance,” which isn’t as humorous as usual since it’s meant pretty seriously. Few would have the moxie to say what Maher says.

HBO will take this down, so watch now.

and here’s the “Overtime” segment, which begins with Maher asking the guests who they think will be the Republican Presidential candidate in 2024.

13 thoughts on “Bill Maher’s “Real Time”

  1. “Hellfire R9X”

    [ googles images ..]
    [ closes browser ]
    [ walks around speechless for remainder of day ]

    1. You’re right! Is this a new thing? I don’t have HBO and watch Maher only from Jerry’s site and never noticed it before but this segment was awful. It went on and on and on….

    2. Oh man, you wanna talk excessive audience reactions? Ever watch any of the talent shows – e.g America’s Got Talent? My wife is addicted so I have them foisted on me. Every bloody vocal inflection by a singer is supported by wild cheers from the crowd, compelling everyone more over-singing. So as soon as the barely competent singer strains for her high note, like death and taxes, a screaming standing ovation follows.
      Utterly unbearable.

      1. Not to mention the gaping mouths of the judges and the two guys peeking out behind the curtains. Never watched a show, just clips friends have sent md😩😵‍💫

  2. Just watched it. It’s still there at 5:59 PDT. Pretty good. It’s interesting that Maher chose to talk about obesity. It was a biting (as always) and funny piece, but it was a standalone piece—not really related to the rest of the themes discussed on the show. It just seemed to come out of the blue. But I always like the way he tells it as it is.

    That said, there is a bigger theme here and that theme is *the lies that we tell ourselves.* Obesity is OK. Vaccines are harmful and it’s my right not to be vaccinated if I don’t want to be. Trans women can compete fairly against biologically female athletes because, after all, they identify as women. The Biden election was illegitimate. A six-week-old fetus is a person. It would be interesting to compile a list of lies that society—or a significant portion of society—tells itself. It’s probably a long one. Lies we tell ourselves about science would be a subset of these: Science is consistent with Bible, for example.

  3. “Have you ever seen a fat 90 year old?”

    Errmmm… ummm… nnnnoooo… maybe…? Never thought of that, but I’m pretty sure I’ve read about data tallies along those lines…

    I’m reading a Barbara Ehrenreich book at the suggestion of a sharp commenter a while ago – great pick – yes, the “positivity” efforts are plain. “Read and weep”, as they say.

    1. Yes! (One of my two best friends’ mother who celebrated her 90th this year.) In old age, and for people with heart failure, obesity correlates positively with life expectancy, although the direction of causation is in doubt.

  4. Real Time with Bill Maher has its own YouTube channel with this name and it has segments of the show uploaded for years back. It is apparently with the permission of HBO, so why would they take it down? It is not like this is the first time Maher went after fat acceptance either.

    The video linked in the post says “Video unavailable – This video is private” for me, but I can access the fat acceptance part here:

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