Friday ducks

July 8, 2022 • 1:45 pm

I can’t prepare a long duck post today, so let’s just have a peek at Audrey’s brood over five weeks.

Here they are on May 28:

And on July 6, two days ago. Audrey still watches them constantly and intently:

See how fst they’ve grown! People are always amazed at their rate of development.

They’ve gone from fluffball to scruffy teenager to mini-duck to midi-duck, and now they’re almost full ducks. (That’s when they fly.) And it won’t be long until their first flights. They’re six weeks old, and they normally start flying around seven weeks or so. That will be a sight to see!

Team Duck are proud parents of this brood, despite having to rescue many ducklings who didn’t get to grow up in the five-star duck hotel called Botany Pond.

9 thoughts on “Friday ducks

  1. Yes, their speed of growth is incredible. I’m sure that is testament to how vulnerable they are until they can fly. Although those rescued ducklings didn’t get to grow up in that five-star duck hotel, they certainly benefitted from being born there.

      1. You did way above and beyond the call of duty, Jerry. There’s only so much one can do with an extremely territorial mother like Audrey ruling the pond.

  2. “Botany Pond: 5-star Duck-Hotel”, now that would be a fun and funny sign; and thanks to Team Duck for all those stars. Let’s hope any new interloping ducks understand there is a virtual “no-vacancy” sign for the rest of this 2022 season.

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