5 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ inclusivity

  1. And yet the Barmaid may share many of the values that the religious have. Just not the goddy ones or the ones respecting the priests/vicars/imams/rabis etc.

  2. “…and we encourage everyone in the audience to join in the chorus.” Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that the last few religious gatherings (weddings and funerals) I’ve “attended” ( for lack of better word) have these awkward moments where a singer gestures for everyone to chime in on the chorus and the group of about two hundred souls sounds like… maybe fifteen.

    1. I was wondering that myself. Do we see this from both the New Left and the religious community? It could be that the religious community in the UK (where the author lives) piggybacks more on the New Left than in other countries. Or I’m just out of touch with these people. That’s certainly also a possibility.

    2. Yes. The simplistic belief that the world is divided between Good people who want the best for everyone and Bad people who hate for the sake of hating is found in most authoritarian systems. It doesn’t discriminate between “sides” of a complex political/religious system.

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