39 photos you probably haven’t seen

June 2, 2022 • 1:30 pm

YouTube is full of photomontages like this saying, “50 rare historical photos” and so on, but most of them are lousy. This one, however, I found interesting, and there are some doozies in here.  My favorites include the Ukrainian-American restaurant offering free borscht on the occasion of Stalin’s death, and, especially, the Jew wearing his Iron Cross, earned in WW1, standing in front of his shop in Nazi Germany, along with a Nazi soldier trying to intimidate customers from entering the store.

Here’s the one I mentioned:

7 thoughts on “39 photos you probably haven’t seen

  1. I’d say I’d seen over half of those. I had not seen the one of Bush and Schwarzenegger sledding, or the one of Andrew Jackson. Id’ also not seen the one of Teddy Roosevelt, Jr.’s grave. There is a well-known photo of him taken in France after the invasion sitting on the bumper of his jeep “Rough Rider.”

    1. I initially thought the Roosevelt photo was miscaptioned, but realized it’s referring to the son of the former president. (And I just learned the president is actually “Jr” while the son is “III”, but unsurprisingly “III” went by “Jr” instead.)

    2. Wow, you’ve seen much. Most of them were ‘new’ to me, only the one of Cetshwayo and the solar panels of Carter I remember to have seen before. But maybe I’m getting old and don’t remember.

      1. I always wondered where the term ‘Night of the Long Knives’ came from. Apparently its origin might be the “Night of the Long Knives,” a massacre of Vortigern’s men by Angle, Jute, and Saxon mercenaries in Arthurian myth. They probably actually used knives, probably long knives (if it ever happened, that is).
        It is also a term used more generally for vengeance in German, if I’m not mistaken.
        There is also the alternative name of Operation Kolibri (operation humming bird), the origins of which are even more enigmatic.

  2. John Kelly, topical columnist for the Washington Post, had a column about the free borscht picture on 23 April of this year. The picture was taken on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC. John Kelly also has established an annual “squirrel week” via his column.

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