7 thoughts on “Caturday felid: A warm spot

  1. Oops, meant to add that I’m sorry to hear that you’re still feeling debilitated – get well soon.

  2. Love the cat hair getting all over the horse’s back.
    At the end, cat jumps off, horse says, “OK, you, now go catch some mice.”

    Jerry I do hope you’re feeling better soon. Stay hydrated whatever you do.

    I have to say that while I was never worse than indulgently indifferent toward cats, following this website has made me see what wonderfully fascinating creatures they are. The ones riding into battle with the Ukrainian soldiers are particularly moving.

  3. That is not a prey in your league, kitty. If you can’t eat it, just lick it. The sensible thing to do, you’ll get some taste at least.

  4. ‘Too weak to work on it’ —- I do hope that you are feeling better or at least will do so soon.
    With best wishes from the Antipodes

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